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How to create a Newspaper Survey Questionnaire? Download this Sample Newspaper Survey Questionnaire template now!

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Subject ID 000000 David Etchison ENGL 7301 Project 2 Southard Newspaper Readership Survey Do Readers Support Traditional Journalistic Values As newspaper readership shrinks, many papers assume they are losing readers to other media such as television and the Internet.. What if instead of trying to be more like television, newspapers focused on becoming better newspapers Perhaps readers really want to see newspapers that do a better job of writing stories and reporting the news instead of offering news summaries, shorter stories, and lifestyle and entertainment news.. For example, a response of 6—which indicates fairly strong agreement—to the statement “It is important for a newspaper to cover entertainment news” would become a 2 because traditional journalistic values would consider Hollywood gossip and movie reviews to be much less important than “hard” news.. What is the highest level of education you have completed What is your gender  Male  Female  High school graduate  Two-year/associate’s degree or some How old are you  Less than 18  26–35   46–55   66–75   18–25 36–45 56–65 Older than 75 Of what race do you consider yourself        White/Caucasian Black/African American Indian or Alaskan Native Asian Hispanic or Latino Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander Other college  Four-year or bachelor’s degree  Graduate or master’s degree  Professional degree (for example, MD, JD, DDS, PharmD)  Postgraduate degree or PhD What is the combined income of the adults in your household who are working      Less than 20,000 20,000 to 30,000 31,000 to 45,000 46,000 to 75,000 More than 75,000 This survey is confidential and you need not provide any personally identifiable information..

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