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What is a timesheet template?

Timesheet templates are documents that allow businesses and employees to track time spent on specific tasks. Timesheet templates can be paper, spreadsheet or digital. Having a real-time timesheet is useful for companies to create reports detailing project progress, vacations, and vacations.

Timesheet templates are digital or printed spreadsheets that any business can use to track employee hours. Templates are a great way to gather the right information for each payment period. Many companies use time tracking templates as an alternative to time tracking software or third-party services. The timesheet template has a standardized form that employees can use to enter their hours worked and other details related to their payroll.

A Microsoft Word or Google Sheets Timesheet Template is a document in which employees list, track, and submit their regular, overtime, and other work hours for different pay periods. Like companies that manage payroll, supervisors use timesheet templates to track work activity.

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Below printable timesheet templates can be directly downloaded and printed, or firstly easily customized according to your preferences.