Chinese Lease Agreement 租赁合同

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How do I write a basic Chinese Lease rental agreement? Download this Lease Agreement in Chinese language (租赁合同) now!

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How do I write a basic Chinese Lease rental agreement? Are you looking for a bilingual Chinese and English Rental Agreement sample to rent an apartment in China? Download this Lease Agreement in the Chinese language (租赁合同) now! 

We provide a professional Legal Template of a Rental Agreement between a Chinese Landlord and Tenant which can be used if you as an (English-speaking) tenant needs a solid Rental Agreement when you want to rent a house in China from a Chinese landlord. 

This Chinese Lease Agreement 租赁合同 of 6 pages contains all important topics, such as: 

  • lease term, 
  • location property,
  • rent,
  • payment details,
  • security deposit, 
  • obligations of both parties,
  • conditions terminating lease contract,
  • liabilities breach of contract,
  • handling of breach,
  • other expenses,
  • payment conditions,
  • utility costs, 
  • etc.

Part of the Chinese lease agreement:

Security Deposit 保证金
a.The total security deposit will be RMB{{DEPOSIT}}, which equals to {{two  months}} rental. All the deposit should be paid before 2022-01-01. Party A should issue Party B a written receipt after receiving the deposit.
双方约定租赁保证金总额为贰万伍仟 圆整,相当于 {{贰}} 个月的租金。所有租
赁保证金应在 2022 年 01 月 01 日前支付完毕。甲方收到保证金后应予以书面签收。
b.     Unless otherwise provided for by the Contract,Party A will return the security deposit by {{Cash/Transfer}} without interest to Party B within {{DAYS}} working days when the Contract expires, and Party B has cleared and returned the apartment without losses and paid all the expenses.
费用后,{{三}}个工作日内将保证金以 {{现金或银行转账}} 方式全额无息退还乙方。 

Other Expenses 其他费用
a.     Party B will be responsible for all the utilities during the lease term, including {{Water , Electricity ,    Gas ,    Internet , Telephone ,   Cable TV}} . Party B shall pay all the bills on time. According to the required date of payment of those bills, any delaying payment, Party B should be responsible for the penalty.
乙方应承担租赁期内的{{水、电、煤气、宽带、电话、有线电视}} 等一切因乙方实 际使用而产生的费用,并按单如期缴纳。如不按期支付,由此产生的滞纳金由乙 方承担。

b.     Party A should be responsible for all the {{Maintenance fee, Management fee}}. To ensure Party B enjoy the property management service, Party A should pay the management fee on time. Invoice fee not included.  {{房屋维修保养费,物业管理费}} 等由甲方缴纳。甲方应及时缴纳物业管理费,以确 保乙方能享受物业管理服务。不包含租赁发票费。

Obligations of Party A
a. Upon signing the contract, Party A shall provide the apartment and attached furniture (see Annex A) to Party B in good condition and good working order. 甲方须按时将房屋及附属设施(详见附件 A)在良好状态下交付乙方使用。
b.     During the lease term, if Party B discovers any damages or defects of the Property and facilities attached, Party B shall notify Party A immediately for reparation. Party A shall carry out the reparation within {{DAYS}} days after receiving notification from Party
B. Any delay in reparation, Party B may repair on Party A's behalf and the expenses incurred shall be borne by Party A. 租赁期间,乙方发现该房屋及其附属设施有损坏或故障时,应及时通知甲方修复;甲方应在接到乙方通知后   {{DAYS}} 日内进行维修。逾期不维修的,乙方可代为维修,费用由甲方承担...

All articles are in Chinese and English. Please note that in China, only the Chinese text can prevail in court. Our Legal Templates are screened and often updated by Legal professionals from Shanghai, China.

Download this Chinese English Rental Agreement template if you are in this situation and save yourself time, costs and effort. Choose to prevent future problems from happening! After downloading and filling in the blanks, you can customize every detail and appearance of your document and finish in minutes. 

Do NOT sign any contract that you haven’t been able to read and understand and therefore print out your bilingual 租赁合同 Chinese-English Lease Rental agreement now!  

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