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New hire
External candidate
Job Offer Letter
Ms. Jane Doe
230 University Drive
Orlando, FL 32816
Dear Ms. Doe:
Congratulations on your appointment to the position of Senior Secretary in the Math Department. As we discussed in
our telephone conversation, your annual salary will be <insert salary here>, and the effective date of employment will
be <insert date here>.
Please plan to report directly to our office at 8:00 a.m. on <insert date here> where you will complete the necessary
new employee sign-in paperwork. During your sign-in, you will be required to complete the Direct Deposit form as a
condition of employment as indicated on the employment application. Additionally, please review the enclosed list of
documents required to verify employment authorization and identity. You must provide one document from list A or
one document from list B and one from list C. These documents must be provided within 3 days of your date of hire.
You will be required to purchase a parking decal if your position requires you to work on campus or frequent the
campus on a regular basis. During your sign-in, you will be given an appointment to attend New Employee
Orientation, which covers university policies, procedures, benefits, etc.
Your employment is contingent upon a successful criminal background check. Human Resources will notify you
immediately if the background check is not successful.
We welcome you to our staff and wish you well in your new position.
John Smith
cc: Personnel File
rev. 03/09

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