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2016-17 School Council Meetings, WCHS Library 7-9 pm: Sep. 27, Nov. 30, Jan. 19, Mar. 14, May 10.
Western Canada High School
Agenda General Meeting School Council
Tuesday September 27, 2016 @ 7:00 pm WCHS Library
Type of Meeting: September General Meeting of School Council
Meeting Facilitator: Mary MacLeod, Co-Chair
Invited: WCHS Parents/Guardians and Students
1) Welcome & Call to Order
2) Approval of Agenda
3) Approval of May 2015 General School Council Meeting minutes
4) Reports:
a) Co-Chair Mary Introduction to School Council and call for positions (Secretary, CDN Parents for
French, CAPSC)
b) Students’ Union Report
c) Principal’s Update Martin Poirier
d) Treasurer Wendy Eloit
i) CALM Funding Approval
e) Key Communicator Elaine Dube
f) Celebrate Western Co-Chairs Sarah Flynn & Kelly Bobke
g) Volunteer Update Jeannie Rooney
h) Special Presentations for 2016 -2017 Ellis Choe & Wendy Eloit
5) Communication: WCHS School Council welcomes ideas, comments and questions. Contact us at:
6) New Business
7) Adjournment 7:45pm
7:45 pm Special Presentation WCHS Student Counselors: Post-Secondary Scholarships and Planning
Presented by WCHS Student Services
Reminder: October 26, 2016 Post-Secondary Fair @ WCHS

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