10 Excel Marketing Templates

As a marketer, the prospect of having to create Excel spreadsheets, complete with functions and formulas can be a real challenge sometimes when you need to deliver in just a few days. For sure you don't have the time to spend watching hours of Excel tutorial videos at Youtube. The reality is that online marketers need to continually measure and analyze marketing and sales performance. 

A solution would be to use online analytical dashboards but what if you budget is limited and your are not familiar with them? What if you just have some basic needs to ensure you can you can manage your marketing project and only need some templates to track the performance ,plan ahead and be able to present the results? Why not use Excel?

The advantages of leveraging Microsoft Excel's functionality to organize information and streamline tasks are awesome.To help you keep tabs on all of the different areas of your marketing (without having to do the Excel heavy lifting), we bundled together ten of our most popular Microsoft Excel templates.

These templates are perfect for anyone managing a marketing team or responsible for managing and monitor the project. They are easy to use, understandable and transparent. Feel free to adjust the template to your own needs.

This bundle contains:

template preview imageMarketing Budget Template

Marketing Budget Template

Download this Marketing Budget Planning template and after downloading you can change and customize every detail and appearance and finish it in minutes.

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