Phonetic Alphabet Chart

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What is the full phonetic alphabet?

We provide a Phonetic Alphabet template that will help you spell words instantly. Our ABC templates are all used by professionals in different industries. The 26 code words in the spelling alphabet are assigned to the 26 letters of the English alphabet in alphabetical order. The sounds can be summarized as:

Vowel Sounds

  • Vowel sounds in the phonemic chart come from the letters a,e,i,o,u in the alphabet.
  • Vowel sounds can be long or short.
  • For example, 'sit' is a short sound, and 'seat' is a long sound.
  • Long sounds have ':' on the end, so they are easy to remember.  


  • Dipthongs are two vowel sounds together. 
  • When you pronounce dipthongs, make sure you say both sounds, not just one of them.


  • Consonant sounds in the pheonemic chart are from the letters
  • b,c,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,p,q,r,s,t,v,w,x,y,z in the alphabet.
  • Consonant sounds can be voiced (you use your voice) or unvoiced (you don't use your voice). To test this, put your hand on the front of your throat (neck) and say the sound 'be'. You should feel your voice move your throat because 'b' is voiced. Now say the word 'pea'. For the 'p' sound, you should not feel your voice move your throat, because 'p' is unvoiced.
  • Practice feeling your throat as you say all of the consonants sounds below.

Print out one of the following pages in this template, cut out the table containing for example the Phonetic Alphabet Letters, and tape it to the side of your desk or computer monitor. It will help you in your daily phone conversations. It’s always nice to make your own Phonetic Alphabet, so we added an extra column for you to fill in.

Using our Phonetic Alphabet templates guarantees you will save time and effort! Download this Phonetic Alphabet and improve your skills instantly, which will impress the people on the other side of the phone!

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