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How to use a Low Blood Glucose Level ChartWhat is the normal blood sugar level for adults? Download this printable blood sugar chart template that will perfectly suit your needs.

Our collection of online health templates aims to make life easier for you. Our site is updated every day with new health and healthcare templates. By providing you this age-wise blood sugar chart health template, we hope you can save precious time and effort and it will help you to reach the next level of success in your life, studies or work!

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High Blood Sugar, Low Blood Sugar
  • Testing your blood sugar
  • Check with your provider to see if and when he/she wants you to check your blood sugar.
  • Keep a record of your blood sugar numbers, the date, and time of day. Take the record (log) with you to every clinic visit.
  • Ask your provider what the numbers should be. 
  • Ask your provider what to do if the numbers are high or low. 
  • Test your blood sugar, including a record of the food you eat and your activities in the log, this will help you and your provider control your diabetes.
  • A nurse can teach you how to use the glucometer.

Let‛s Check our Blood Sugar Supplies you will need:
  • Glucometer
  • Alcohol wipes or soap and water
  • Test Strips · Lancets

How to test:
  • Wash your hands.
  • Place the test strip on tabletop or in the glucometer as directed by instructions with your machine.
  • Wipe your finger with an alcohol wipe or wash with soap and water. 
  • Stick your finger with the lancet.
  • Squeeze your finger to get a drop of blood.
  • Place the test strip in the center of the drop of blood that is on your finger.
  • Read and write down the number (blood sugar) in the logbook.

Signs and Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar · · · · · · · · · · · · Shakiness Dizziness Tiredness/sleepiness Moodiness Fast heart rate Sweating Hunger Headache Pale skin Numbness and tingling around the mouth and tongue Confusion Clumsy or jerky movements Reasons Your Blood Sugar May be Low · · · · · · · Taking medicine without food Medicine may be too strong Not eating enough food Eating later than usual More activity or exercise than usual Taking too much diabetes medicine Drinking beer, wine or liquor CHAP Take Action - High Blood Sugar, Low Blood Sugar Cass, Tiernan Revised 11/04 Page 8 of 12 Treat Low Blood Sugar The Rule of 15‛s · · · Always carry a high sugar food with you—to prevent an emergency If you have symptoms of low blood sugar, check your blood sugar If your blood sugar is 70 mg/dl or lower or you cannot check your blood sugar, take a high-sugar food (15 grams of carbohydrate).. Medical Center CHAP Take Action - High Blood Sugar, Low Blood Sugar Cass, Tiernan Revised 11/04 Page 10 of 12 Ketoacidosis Ketoacidosis is when you have ketones (waste products) in your urine Ketoacidosis is a life-threatening condition Usually, only people with type 1 diabetes can get it It can lead to Diabetic Coma or death Signs and Symptoms of Ketoacidosis: · · · · Thirsty or very dry mouth Frequent urination High blood sugar levels High levels of ketones in the urine Then other symptoms appear: · · · · · · Feeling very tired Dry or flushed skin Hard time breathing Breath that smells fruity Nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain Unable to pay attention Reasons you may have ketones in your urine: · · · · · · You forgot to take your insulin or diabetes medicine Medicine may not be strong enough You ate more than usual You exercised less than usual You are not feeling well You have increased stress in your life CHAP Take Action - High Blood Sugar, Low Blood Sugar Cass, Tiernan Revised 11/04 Page 11 of 12 To test for ketones: · Use test strips that you can buy to test your urine.

This blank blood sugar chart weekly is intuitive, ready-to-use, and structured in a smart way. Try it now and let this sample inspire you if you have type 2 diabetes, diabetes or are nondiabetic. We certainly encourage you to use this for your own benefit.

Download this free printable blood sugar chart now!

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