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De beste manier om een Car Lease-overeenkomst met autoBezitter te maken? Check direct dit professionele Car Lease-overeenkomst met autoBezitter template!

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Do you need a Car Lease Agreement template? Download our Car Lease Agreement in Word now if you need an agreement between the car owner and customer!

In order to increase the rental agreed with your customers, you can use this personalized car rental agreement template in advance (for example via app or website) in order to speed up the formalities. 

By using a digital copy of this Car Lease agreement, you can save time by having your customers sign it online as well via your company’s computer or tablet. Also, you can then email them a payment receipt.

Implementing this in a successful manner can also decrease the chance of mistakes. Customize one of our legal templates to be your own with your company’s logos and that allow your customers or employees to quickly fill in customer data. It’s important to mention that the Lessor represents that to the best of his knowledge and belief that said a vehicle is in sound and safe condition and free of any known faults or defects which would affect its safe operation under normal use.  it's important to register the personal data of the customers and to make a note of the Mileage at the beginning and at the end of the rental period. 

In this Car Lease Agreement:

  • Lease Period and Place of Collection
  • Milage
  • Insurance
  • Lease Rate
  • Deposit
  • Return of Vehicle to Lessor
  • Signatures
  • Approved Driver(s)
  • Car definitions“Car”, “Automobile” and “Vehicle” intend to mean all the same as the Car set out in Schedule 1 regardless that the Vehicle may not be a car.
  • “Approved Driver” shall mean the/those person(s) set out in Schedule B.
  • “Date of Collection” shall mean the date set out in clause 2
  • “Place of Collection” shall mean the place set out in clause 2.
  • “Lease Rates” shall mean the Rates set out in Clause 5

We provide a Car Lease Agreement that will help you when you are about to rent out a car and want to make a formal agreement between a car lessor and the designated driver(s) that leases the car. This agreement is screened by a legal professional. 

By using this Car Lease Agreement template you are guaranteed to you will save time, costs and efforts! 

Download this Car Lease Agreement template and after downloading you will be able to change and customize every detail and appearance and finish quickly.

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