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4 Were the training and development opportunities provided effective in meeting your needs Was the amount of training appropriate 5 What was the greatest challenge you faced in your position 6 What function(s) of your position did you enjoy the most Why Answer      5 - very effective 4 - effective 3 - unsure 2 - ineffective 1 - very ineffective 7 What function(s) of your position did you enjoy the least Why 8 How did you find the team spirit/morale within your Section/Group 9 Was there anything that Scouts Canada could have done to improve team spirit/morale 10      5 - very high 4 - high 3 - neither high nor low 2 - low 1 - very low Do you feel you were well informed regarding policies and procedures If not, why      5 - well informed 4 - somewhat informed 3 – unsure 2 - somewhat uninformed 1- uninformed 11 Do you feel that you were well recognized/appropriately thanked for your contributions      5 - well recognized 4 - somewhat recognized 3 – unsure 2 - under-recognized 1 - not recognized 12 How willing are you to encourage others to join Scouts Canada as a volunteer      5 - very willing 4 - somewhat willing 3 – unsure 2 - somewhat unwilling 1- very unwilling Additional comments: Interviewer signature: Date:.

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