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How to draft a proper It Service Level Agreement? Download this It Service Level Agreement template that will perfectly suit your needs!

This service level agreement (SLA) provides the basis for managing the services provided and relationships between the Information Technology (IT) Division and the other city divisions. This agreement describes how user service requirements are understood and addressed. This creates a realistic service expectation level.  

The service levels in this policy have been mutually agreed upon by a group of staff representatives from every division and the IT Division. New employees will receive and sign this policy as part of the employee handbook. 

The benefits of this service level agreement policy are:
  • Alignment of IT services to organization needs
  • Improved communication between the city staff and IT staff
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Continual improvement of IT services

Information Technology Service Level Agreement (SLA) Our Mission To promote, enable and lead appropriate technology solutions that are aligned with citywide goals and objectives in order to improve and enhance city services.. applications Critical City Business and Communications Monday Sunday 24/7 Dispatch Center / Police / LEADS connectivity Telecommunications Connectivity to provider Email communications Payroll related problems Web Trac Rec Trac It Service Level Agreement The process for recording, diagnosing, tracking and closing Help Desk Calls.. Areas outside of IT responsibility: Equipment not supplied by IT, such as TV s, VCR s/DVD s, Radio Systems, Sound Systems and Event/Council Chambers Video Recording Services Description Specifications Training Presentation equipment use It is the responsibility of the requestor to obtain training from IT at least 24 hours prior to the meeting / presentation event Equipment Availability Securing the use of audio-visual equipment for meeting presentations All such equipment must be scheduled and acceptance received via the GroupWise calendar system.. The end of a project, or project phase, is reached when: Project objectives have been met and operation is started in a live environment Division final sign off has been received Project is cancelled Upon the end of the project, the Network Integration Team is responsible for support tasks Measurement The Specifications outlined in this SLA are the performance goals of the IT Division. 

Legal communication is essential to individuals and companies to ensure truthful, accurate information exchange and enable morally-correct decision making. This is important to give consideration on how to communicate and how to remain lawful in your day-to-day business activities. Therefore, communication in situations that involve legal complications, request extra attention. Using our easy-to-modify It Service Level Agreement helps to make a perfect document for any kind of personalized legal matter.

Appropriate data security controls reduce the likelihood (and impact) of data breach incidents during various phases of the data lifecycle. The purpose of this standard is to set out the rules for securing the companies' data during transmission and storage. This document provides best practice recommendations on information security management for use by those responsible for initiating, implementing or maintaining information security management systems (ISMS).

Nowadays, with the digitalization of our society, the need for data protection became more important. The latest IT Security Standards involve the application of technology to broader social and institutional contexts, and thereby contributes to the servitization of companies, and affects how they compete and interact. This document contains security technology solutions to protect data classified as “Highly Sensitive”, “Sensitive”, “Private” or “Public” as per the Data Classification Standard and Data Handling Guidelines. Specifically:

  • Cryptography – Encryption and hashing solutions for protecting sensitive data when in transit or storage, and
  • Data Masking – Data masking is a technology for obscuring sensitive information in non-production environments. Through data masking [Company Name] protects the content of sensitive data in non-production environments to ensure that:
  • Application developers, testers, privileged users and outsourcing vendors do not have unauthorized access to such information.
  • The data maintains the referential integrity of the original production data.

Download this It Service Level Agreement (SLA) now. Besides this document, make sure to have a look at the IT Security Roadmap for proper implementation and this fit-for-purpose IT Security Kit here with over 40 useful templates. The document(s) are easy to modify and can be downloaded directly after purchase.

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