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How do I write a simple rental agreement? Can you create your own rental agreement? Check out this easy to download and use simple rental agreement template now


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How do I write a simple rental agreement? Can you create your own simple rental agreement? 

If you are a landlord and looking for a tenant to rent your property, you might consider writing up a rental agreement, then you don't need to spend $ 250 an hour at your local lawyer's office to get a contract written up.

You can write up a rental agreement from your own home.

Simple Rental Agreement:

This Residential Lease Agreement {{“Agreement”}} made on {{DATE}} is between:
Landlord Name: {{LANDLORD'S NAME}} with a mailing address of:
{{LANDLORD'S ADDRESS}} (“Landlord”), AND
Tenant Name(s): {{TENANT NAME(S)}} (“Tenant(s)”).
Landlord and Tenant are each collectively referred to as the "Parties."

The Landlord agrees to lease the described property to the Tenant: Address: {{PROPERTY ADDRESS}} (“Premises”). Residence Type: 
  • Single-family 
  • Apartment 
  • Condominium 
  • Other: {{OTHER}}

The Agreement shall begin on {{START DATE}} and end on {{END DATE}} (“Term”).

What is a simple rental agreement?
A simplerental agreement is an agreement or contract between two parties over a property for rental purposes. This simple agreement will be of temporary possession and may be terminated after the specifically agreed interval of time. A sipmle rental agreement cannot be considered a lease. But it can also be categorized as a month-to-month lease.

The simple rental agreement is not only confined to properties. It can be broadened to the terms of renting a product for some piece of time too. There are multiple terms specified for a rental agreement, like if some property is to be rented then the owner of a property is named as a lessor while the person who is taking the property on rent is referred to as a lessee. A rental agreement must not be confused with a lease.

What are the types of rental agreements?
Rental agreements can be of multiple types. These can vary from month-to-month agreements to a fixed terms lease as well. The types of these agreements differ from each other based on terms and conditions. Below is written a brief description of each type of rental agreement:

  • Month to Month Rental Agreement: Month-to-month rental agreements can be made verbal as well as written. But these agreements do not contain any specified time limits. The owner can terminate the contract whenever he wishes to do so before even a month ends.  Month to month lease can be terminated by any of the parties. If the lessee has made a non-refundable security installation, then this rental agreement provided must be written and well explained with the terms and conditions on which the agreement between the lessor and lessee is made. Both parties agree before the actual rent of property and are also completely aware of the outcomes of the month-to-month lease agreement. 
  • One-way lease agreements: One-way rental lease agreements are those contracts in which the landlord will get benefit if a lessee moves out before the actual time of agreement is accomplished. In this case, a termination fee or a deposit charge becomes applicable to the lessee if he moves out before the agreed time on the rental contract which in this maybe several months. Some states in the world do not allow such agreements. 
  • Fixed-term lease agreements: This type of agreement is the most common residential tenancy agreement.  Such agreements include a fixed contract with the terms that a renter cannot increase the rent for an agreed period. Also, the person, who is willing for taking the property on rent, is not allowed to vacate the property before the agreed time. Many people prefer such types of contracts since these give a little benefit to both parties. 
Summing up these types, we would say that fixed-term lease agreements are the best for property renting purposes. If you are looking for a place on rent for a longer duration i.e., at least 8-10 months, then we will recommend that you go for a fixed-term house rental agreement. While others can be given a chance if you decide to rent a property for a shorter duration. It is just a simple opinion, everything else is completely up to you depending on your terms and conditions. 

We provide a very basic Rental Agreement between the Landlord and Tenant which can be used if you want to rent out your property. Open the discussion with your landlord to renew the same terms of the existing lease agreement. If he or she doesn't accept them, discuss the new terms. Don't forget to ask for maintenance issues, if they occurred and were not solved properly.

This simple rental agreement contains a basic format that provides the basic structure for negotiation. Try out our online free and premium professional business and legal templates, forms, and contracts today. 

Save this Extension for the Lease agreement, fill-In the blanks, print …and done! Check out this easy to download and use simple rental agreement template now.

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