Formal Complaint Letter of Harrasment

How do I write a formal complaint about harassment? How do you write a powerful complaint letter?

Writing a formal complaint about harassment requires a clear and structured approach to ensure your concerns are understood and taken seriously. Here’s a guide to help you draft your complaint effectively:

1. Start with Your Contact Information
Begin the letter with your name, position (if applicable), address, and contact information at the top. Date the letter to provide a reference for when the complaint was filed.

2. Address the Letter Appropriately
Address the letter to the appropriate individual within the organization. This could be your HR manager, your supervisor, or another relevant office like the Office of Equity and Compliance. Use a formal salutation, such as "Dear Mr./Ms. [Last Name],"

3. State the Purpose of Your Letter
Clearly state that you are writing to lodge a formal complaint of harassment. Specify the type of harassment (e.g., sexual, racial, bullying) early in the letter to set the context. You can use the formal harassments complaint letters below for your reference.

4. Detail the Incidents of Harassment
Describe the harassment incidents clearly and concisely. Include:
  • Dates and times: When each incident occurred.
  • Location: Where the harassment took place.
  • People involved: Names of the harasser(s) and any witnesses.
  • Description of the incident: What specifically happened, including what was said or done.
  • Effect on you: How the harassment has affected your work and well-being.

5. Refer to Company Policies or Laws
If applicable, refer to specific company policies, codes of conduct, or laws that pertain to harassment. This demonstrates your awareness of your rights and the organization’s responsibilities.

6. Document Your Previous Attempts to Resolve the Issue
If you have previously attempted to address the issue informally or through other designated channels without resolution, mention these attempts and their outcomes.

7. Request Specific Actions
Specify what actions you would like the company to take. This could include a formal investigation, mediation, training on harassment for staff, or other measures you believe would be appropriate.

8. Attach Supporting Documents
Include any relevant documents that support your claims. This can be emails, text messages, pictures, or notes from conversations.

9. Express a Desire for a Safe Working Environment
Reiterate your desire to work in a safe and respectful environment. Emphasize that addressing this issue is not only in your interest but in the interest of maintaining a healthy workplace culture.

10. Close Formally
Close your letter with a formal closing statement such as "Sincerely" or "Respectfully," followed by your signature and printed name.

11. Keep Copies
Keep a copy of the letter and any correspondence or documents you send or receive. This documentation may be needed for future reference or legal proceedings.

By following these steps, your complaint will be well-organized and more likely to be taken seriously, leading to appropriate actions to resolve the issue. Download below these formal complaint letter of harrasment templates now:

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