Resume templates

Where can I get a free resume templates? Do employers care about resume format, such as PDF or Word resume?

Resume templates can be a useful resource. Use templates to guide your writing and ensure your formatting is consistent and professional. However, your completed resume should be entirely yours. Be sure to tailor your resume to each application. MS Word or Google Docs resume templates are a good thing, right? They make sure you check the format and make sure you don't forget any key elements of your resume. Best of all, they look good because, hey, somewhere, they were built by professionals, right?

These resume models are ideal for those who are just beginning their careers and need some guidance on how to best showcase significant job posting-related experience, or those that are switching into a different career. Since they are all easily editable template that can be easily personalized to appeal to HR people reading resumes.

Instant access to hundreds of free documents to help bolster your career, your job search and your financial success. All of them are used by professionals in many spheres that include marketing, ICT, IT, technology startups, sales, legal, accounting, investment banking, consulting, management, medical, healthcare, HR, real estate, outsourcing and others. They are drafted by HR professionals, are wisely structured and easy to navigate. Pay closer attention to the most downloaded templates for your career that will fit your needs. understands the importance of communicating in a professional manner. Professional documents make an important part of a good impression and help realizing growth for a company or a person.

Download below several types of resume templates, which are ready-made, well designed and can be downloaded and printed directly after you modified them according to your preferences.

  • Resume for Real Estate Investor

    Do you need a resume template for a real estate investor? Download our resume template now which will help you create a professional and polished resume that will stand out from the competition.

    View template
  • Resume Template Google Docs

    What is the best way to use Google Docs to write a resume? Download this sample resume now and use it as a guide in creating your resume.

    View template
  • Google Docs Resume Template

    How should a resume be formatted for the best results? Are you looking for a sleek and professional resume template that you can easily customize using Google Docs? Download our sample resume template now!

    View template
  • Appointment Setter Resume

    Do you need a template for an appointment setter resume? What does an appointment setter resume mean? Download our resume or CV template which is designed to help you draft a resume that highlights your most relevant skills and experience.

    View template
  • Youth Mentor Application Template

    How to create a Youth Mentor Application Form? Download this easy to customize Youth Mentorship Application Form Template here.

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  • Leadership Award Application Form

    How to create a Youth Leadership Award Application Form? Download this easy to customize Youth Leadership Award Template here.

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  • Youth Camp Resume

    How to draft a professional youth camp CV as a fresher? Download this professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) Template, your gateway to career success.

    View template
  • Pharma Cover Letter

    How to write an cover letter for the position of Pharmacy Clerk or Pharmacy technician? Download this Pharma cover letter template that will perfectly suit your needs!

    View template
  • Absent Note

    How to write an absent note? Check out this easy to download and use absent note.

    View template
  • Academic Resume

    How do you write a resume if you are changing academic careers and that makes a winning first impression? Download this Academic Resume template now!

    View template

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