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This category holds a wide variety of templates, for example, related to interior design, school, tools & equipment, kids, visa application, living will, wedding, household, hire a nanny, etc. After downloading, you can experiment with all the content, visuals, textures, typography or headers, etc.

We are here to help you find the right template and save you time, money and effort! All life templates are easy to use and can be found quickly. They are wisely structured and easy to navigate. Most of them are free, some of them are premium. Download sample wedding guest list, weekly meal planner, request letters, thank you notes, school recommendation letter, and much more…

  • Minecraft Steve

    How to draw a Minecraft figure? Download and print this Minecraft Puppet coloring page which is a fun way for kids of all ages to develop motor skills, creativity, focus and coloring skills.

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  • Minecraft Wolf Coloring Page

    How to draw a wolf in Minecraft square shape style? Download this Minecraft Wolf coloring page which is a fun way for kids of all ages.

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  • Postcard template

    How to design your own postcards? Looking for easy to customize post card templates, download this Postcard pdf design for your reference.

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  • Polaroid Frame

    How do you make a Polaroid frame? Download this Polaroid Frame template for your reference.

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  • Menu Template

    How to design an attractive food or drink menu? Download this drink menu template and get your polished drink menu that will impress your customers directly

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  • Aanbevelingsbrief Lintje

    Hoe schrijft u een ondersteuningsbrief of aanbevelingsbrief voor iemand die een Lintje? Download deze Aanbevelingsbrief voor koninklijke onderscheiding

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  • Family Emergency Communication

    How do you communicate with family during an emergency? What is family emergency communication plan? Download this sample of a emergency communication plan temp

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  • Thanks for Hospitality Letter template

    How do you thank someone for hospitality? How do you say thank you for letting you stay at your house? Download this Thanks for Hospitality Letter template now.

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  • Reconsideration Letter sample

    How to write a proper reconsideration request letter to a sponsor? This Reconsideration to decline sponsorship will capture your receiver's attention for sure!

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  • Weekly Schedule Excel

    How do I create a weekly schedule in Excel? What is meant by weekly schedule? Download this ready-made Excel Weekly Calendar template now!

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