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Where to download useful templates for our daily lives?

Instant access to thousands of templates, forms, and documents related to personal life, home & family. Document templates for leisure and life cover a wide range of topics and purposes, from travel and hobbies to personal development and organization. Here are some examples of document templates that can enhance various aspects of your leisure and daily life:

Travel Itinerary: Plan and organize your trips with a travel itinerary.

Bucket List Template: Create a bucket list to track and prioritize your life goals and experiences you want to achieve. Include categories like travel destinations, personal achievements, and new skills to learn.

Recipe Card Template: Keep your favorite recipes organized with recipe card templates. Include ingredients, cooking instructions, and space for notes or ratings.

Fitness and Workout Tracker: Monitor your exercise routines and progress with a fitness tracker template. Record workouts, set goals, and track your fitness journey.

Reading Log Template: Keep a record of the books you've read or want to read. Include book titles, authors, ratings, and brief summaries.

Planner: Plan your garden layout, track plant growth, and record gardening notes with a gardening planner template. Include plant names, care instructions, and harvest dates. Further, meal planners for your weekly or monthly meals with a meal planning template. Include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, along with grocery lists.

Budget and Expense Tracker: Manage your finances effectively with a budget and expense tracker template. Categorize income, expenses, and savings goals to stay financially organized.

Hobby Log Template: Keep track of your hobbies and interests with a hobby log. Include details about projects, achievements, and goals related to your leisure activities.

Goal Setting Template: Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals for personal development, career, or leisure activities. Use a goal setting template to create and track your goals.

Journal or Diary Template: Record your thoughts, experiences, and reflections with a journal or diary template. Customize it with prompts, dates, and sections for different types of entries.

Travel Packing List Template: Weekly Planner Template: Organize your week with a weekly planner.

Personal Contacts List: Maintain an updated list of important contacts, including family, friends, doctors, and emergency numbers.

Gift and Celebration Planner: Plan and track special occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Include gift ideas, party plans, and a budget.

Document your household possessions and valuables for insurance purposes. Include descriptions, purchase dates, and estimated values. These document templates can help you stay organized, pursue your leisure interests, and enhance your overall quality of life by providing structure and guidance for various aspects of your personal and recreational activities. You can customize these templates to suit your preferences and needs.

This category holds a wide variety of templates, for example, related to interior design, school, tools & equipment, kids, visa application, living will, wedding, household, hire a nanny, etc. After downloading, you can experiment with all the content, visuals, textures, typography or headers, etc.

We are here to help you find the right template and save you time, money and effort! All life templates are easy to use and can be found quickly. They are wisely structured and easy to navigate. Most of them are free, some of them are premium. Download sample wedding guest list, weekly meal planner, request letters, thank you notes, school recommendation letter, and much more…

  • Holiday Party Flyer Template

    How to make a flyer for a Holiday Party in Powerpoint or Google Slides? This printable flyer PPTx design will give you the inspiration to make an engaging holiday party invitation.

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  • Fundraiser Flyer

    How do I create a flyer for a fundraiser event? This printable fundraiser flyer design will give you the inspiration to make one for your own event.

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  • Used Clothes Fundraiser Flyer

    How do I create a Used Clothes Fundraiser flyer? This printable pamphlet design will give you the inspiration to make one for your own event.

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  • Church Anniversary Flyer

    How to create a good Church anniversary flyer? What is a good church anniversary theme? This printable Church anniversary design will give you the inspiration to make a nice flyer.

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  • Church Anniversary Leaflet

    What is a good church anniversary theme? Download this Church Anniversary Leaflet template when you are looking for ways to create a space of grace!

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  • Church Anniversary Celebration

    How to plan a church anniversary celebration? Download this Church Anniversary Flyer right away or browse through our free flyer designs or marketing business templates

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  • Party Flyer Sample

    How do I promote a party or event that attracts publicity and how to make a flyer for a party? Download this outstanding Party Flyer template right away.

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  • Party Flyer

    How to make a nice flyer for a party? This printable leaflet design will give you the inspiration to make a fancy party leaflet. Download this party flyer here.

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  • Theater BIO Form

    How to make a Theater Bio that will get results? Check out this basic Theater BIO Form template now!

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  • Funeral flyer

    What to put on funeral memorial flyer? How do I create a Funeral Flyer or Order of Service? This printable funeral memorial flyer design will give you the tools to make one during these difficult times.

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