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A template is much more than only a collection of preset design elements; it could well be the defining success factor for your start-up, exisiting business or webshop. At allbusinesstemplate.com, we provide a one stop shop place for everybody that are searching for amazing templates that can be uses in Microsoft (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Acrobat (pdf) and even Open Office. Most of our free templates can even directly be imported and edited in Office 365 (Office Cloud Apps) and Google Docs.


We are working together with several online solutions to provide even more value to our customers.

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If it really was a no–brainer to make it on your own in business there’d be millions of no–brained, harebrained, and otherwise dubiously brained individuals quitting their day jobs and hanging out their own shingles. Nobody would be left to round out the workforce and execute the business plan. | Bill Rancic