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This category holds a wide variety of templates, for example, related to interior design, school, tools & equipment, kids, visa application, living will, wedding, household, hire a nanny, etc. After downloading, you can experiment with all the content, visuals, textures, typography or headers, etc.

We are here to help you find the right template and save you time, money and effort! All life templates are easy to use and can be found quickly. They are wisely structured and easy to navigate. Most of them are free, some of them are premium. Download sample wedding guest list, weekly meal planner, request letters, thank you notes, school recommendation letter, and much more…

  • Diabetes Blood Sugar Level Chart

    How do you maintain diabetes logs? How can I check my blood sugar history? How to keep track of Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels? Download this Diabetes Blood Sugar

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  • Blood Sugar Logs

    How do you document blood sugar? How do you maintain diabetes logs? Download this Monthly Blood Sugar Log template that will perfectly suit your needs.

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  • Character Witness Letter Sample

    What should you include in a character witness letter? What does a character witness have to do? Download this Character Witness Letter template now!

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  • Character Witness

    How to write a Character Witness letter for a student? Download this Character Witness Letter template now! Download this Student Character Witness Letter now!

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  • Reading Log PDF

    What is a reading log? How to use a reading log? Download this reading log template directly to your computer

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  • Reading Log

    How do you make a reading log in Word or Google Docs? Download this reading log template directly to your computer, open it, modify it or print it directly.

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  • Log Sheet

    How do I create a log in Word? What is a log sheet? Download this professional log sheet template now! Using our templates guarantees you will save time, cost,

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  • Housekeeping Checklist Excel

    What is an example of a workplace housekeeping checklist? Download this weekly cleaning checklist or housekeeping checklist format Excel file now.

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  • Thanksgiving Template

    How to plan an unforgettable Thanksgiving event for your friends, family and/or colleagues? Download this Thanksgiving template now

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  • Music Paper

    How can I print sheet music for free? What do you call blank music sheet? Do you need a Blank sheet music to compose a melody?

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