Sexual Harassment Complaint Letter

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How to write a sexual harassment complaint to HR department? What to do when you are a victim of #Metoo sexual harassment at work? Download this Sexual Harassment Complaint Letter template now! 

This confidential Sexual Harassment Complaint letter to ask for help dealing with a problematic situation at work. Sexual harassment claims are not going to go away anytime soon. The current media's reports often on #metoo harassment claims against visible, powerful and influential people as well as substantial jury verdicts against harassers and their employers emphasize this is an issue which companies cannot ignore. Therefore, we support your company and HR department by providing this basic Sexual Harassment Policy HR template, which will help you to make a specific Sexual Harassment Policy for your own company and instructions on how to manage such a situation.

Sexual Harassment Complaint Letter: 

  • Dear {{name of recipient}},
  • To Whom It May Concern,
  • I am writing this letter to inform you about the recent events that have created a hostile atmosphere in my working environment. 
  • I feel like I have been subjected to insults and derogatory remarks by a coworker, {{Name Harasser}}. 
  • This is a formal complaint of harassment that I have been subjected to, and I request early action and proper investigation of the situation.
  • I work in the {{Department}} in {{Organization}} and have been employed here for {{Number of years}} years. The harassment started on {{Date}} when {{Name Harasser}} said that I would not be able to get a promotion just because I am a woman. 
  • The verbal abuse took place on the premises of the company. I’ve kept a log of his actions: 
  1. On {{Date}}, {{Name Harasser}} asked me on a dinner date and has shown unprofessional intentions, which I politely and kindly rejected, I kept this to myself;
  2. On {{Date}}, {{Name Harasser}} touched my arms and briefly my buttocks, and showed unprofessional intentions, which I politely and kindly rejected, I kept this to myself;
  3. On {{Date}}, {{Name Harasser}} yelled at me at the office, several colleagues were witness.
  4. On {{Date}}, {{Name Harasser}} spread false rumors about me around the office.
  5. On {{Date}}, {{Name Harasser}} yelled at me because I refused to bring him a {{Item}}.
  6. On {{Date}}, {{Name Harasser}} threatened to steal my phone if I didn’t help him with his share of work.
  7. On {{Date}}, {{Name Harasser}} told me that I deserved to be fired.
  • For the past {{number of months}} months, I have been experiencing sexual harassment from {{Name Harasser}}, manager of the {{Department}}. 
  • Despite my repeated demands to {{Name Harasser}} that he ceases this behavior, the harassment has only escalated.....
  • One of these events was witnessed by {{Name witness}}, who works {{Workplace}} near me. {{Name witness}} saw {{Name Harasser}} sneak up behind me and she saw me jump with fear and alarm. {{Name Harasser}} had grasped my buttocks without permission. 
  • Along with the letter, I have attached the statements of witnesses, {{Name witness}}, and {{Name witness2}}, who heard the verbal abuse. Additionally, {{Name witness2}}, saw {{Name Harasser}} hold me down and tickle me in the break room as I yelled for him to stop.
  • Along with the letter, I have attached the statements of witnesses, {{Name witness}}, and {{Name witness2}}, who heard the verbal abuse. 
  • I would like to point out that these repeated instances of harassment have caused me stress and anxiety, and they have been affecting my performance at work.
  • I expect that, per company policy, this matter will be thoroughly investigated but that my personal information will be confidential. 
  • I expect swift action and understand if you want to have a personal meeting to discuss this serious accusation.
  • It is with great regret that I must inform you of a problematic behavior of my manager that I experienced with our organization. 
  • I would appreciate it if you could meet me to discuss the issue and take the necessary action regarding this serious matter. 

This ready-made complaint letter template is well suited for any kind of harassment situation at work. Communicating in a professional way will get you respect and will bring you further in life. This situation has to be dealt with swiftly. By using our sample Harassment Complaint Letter you might get sufficient motivation to start drafting one of your own.
 Download this Sexual Harassment Complaint Letter template and modify it according to your preferences. 

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