Newborn Baby Schedule

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How to use a Baby feeding chart? How many times a day should the baby eat?

When you like to bring more structure to feeding the child, this chart can help you out. This easily customizable Baby feeding chart can be used for any kind of personal matter. We support you by providing this Baby feeding chart template, which will save you time and effort and help you to reach a higher level of success in your life!

Newborn’s Daily Schedule

This no sleep thing is no joke! Recommends that the only sleep environment for the baby’s naps and bedtime is in the crib. I felt really unsure of this at first. Is he too young for the crib? I went for it though and I think it was the best thing for all three of us. My husband and I were hypersensitive to his every move and sound while sleeping in our room which was keeping us awake while the baby slept. I think we are all sleeping better with our son in the crib!
You will have to get the book to see the full details, but here is cliff notes of how the 4-8 week schedule goes… 

  • 6-7AM feeding
  • 9AM feeding
  • 10AM-12PM nap in crib
  • 12PM feeding
  • 1-3PM nap in crib
  • 3PM feeding
  • 5:30PM feeding
  • 8PM bath
  • 8:30PM feeding
  • 9PM bedtime in crib
  • 2-3AM feeding

I don’t follow this schedule exactly, I more use it as a guide. I usually only put him in his crib for one the naps. Typically afternoon since he tends to sleep longer for that one. For the morning nap I like to go for a walk and grab a coffee somewhere so I let him sleep in the stroller.
Last night he slept for 7 hours straight for the first time!! I hope it wasn’t a fluke. Tomorrow he will be 8 weeks so I will be easing into the 8-16 week schedule. 

Please have a look at it and you might even discover this template has a slightly different perspective and can be very helpful.

Download this Newborn Baby Schedule and feeding chart template now and make life a little easier!

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