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What is a doctor referral letter? Download this Referral Letter template here.

A Medical referral letter is a recommendation of a medical or paramedical professional, and is an essential letter sent between primary and secondary care, giving the receiving doctor or clinic a detailed summary of the patient's presenting medical symptoms and complaint(s), including a relevant medical history to ensure a smooth transition of the needed care. It's completely necessary means of communication between primary and secondary care. It provides detailed summaries of patient complaints and medical history to clinicians/departments receiving treatment to ensure a smooth transition of care. This is usually the only way to convey information from general practice, so it is significant to ensure that all relevant details are included.

If you get a referral by GP to a specific specialist, for example, an eye doctor, the term "referral" can refer both to the act of sending you to another doctor or therapist, and to the actual paper that is authorizing your doctors' visit.

Letter of Medical Necessity

To Whom It May Concern,
I am referring [patient’s name] for evaluation and consideration for a weight management surgical procedure. (S)He currently weighs [# of lbs] pounds and is [# of in.] inches tall. Her/His BMI is [BMI #].
I have been [patient’s name]’s primary care physician for the past [#of yrs] years.
I have supervised several of her/his weight control diets and programs. None of these have resulted in any sustained weight loss. As a result of this persistent morbid obesity, her/his co-morbid conditions are becoming more difficult to manage. These co-morbid conditions are as follows:

Medication:                                         Duration:                   Medication:    
1. Hypertension                                   3 years                     Norvasc/Tenormin
2. Diabetes Mellitus                             5 years                     Glucophage
3. Obesity Related Depression           3 years                      Prozac

Losing weight will certainly make these conditions easier to manage. Since non-surgical programs have failed to provide any long-term benefits for the patient, I feel surgery is her/his only option.
I hope you will find [patient’s name] a suitable candidate for the surgical weight reduction program. It will provide a tool to assist her/him in losing weight, as well as maintain that weight loss. I anticipate that this will provide her/him with a significantly improved quality.....

Referral physicians should be aware of why they refer patients to secondary care (such as investigation, diagnosis, treatment) and expected outcomes. In some cases, it may be reasonable to transfer all patient care to secondary care, while in other cases, referrals may only be made to obtain a second opinion on diagnosis and then be managed in primary care.

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