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De beste manier om een Huwelijks ceremonie planning te maken? Check direct dit professionele Huwelijks ceremonie planning template!

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Zakelijk Privé Huwelijk Huwelijk reisroute tijdlijn familie evenement planning zakelijke route bruiloft tijdlijn foto's Bruiloft route Huwelijksceremonie Tijdlijn itinerary template

What is a normal wedding schedule? Do you need an effective Wedding Itinerary? Download this ready-made Wedding Itinerary template now! 

This Wedding Itinerary can be used for any kind of personal matter. A Wedding itinerary template is useful when you are planning for a wedding or a honeymoon trip. This template will include all the details of such a happening or trip, including arrival and the departure times, details about the venue, the car rental, data about the accommodation, and many other details, etc 

When you have decided to prepare the plan for the trip, you may face some trouble. In order to avoid that trouble, you are required to have a solid and properly designed framework that can provide you with guidance and assistance in all possible ways. 

Every wedding brings lots of activities that require thorough preparation, including task lists, emails, payments, etc. Those tasks are similar to what has been done before, and therefore it can be very .. to make use of a Wedding Itinerary of an already successfully organized wedding. Don't reinvent the wheel... especially if you can use this Wedding Itinerary template with text and formatting as a starting point.

The main advantage of using the itinerary template is that it enables you to have a very clear picture of the entire event or trip organized by you. It includes:
  • The details of the important places that you will be visiting;
  • The cost of each activity that you will perform on the trip;
  • And lots of other stuff is represented to you so that you can decide the things accordingly. 
  • It seems to be very simple to arrange everything in detail, however; you may find it difficult and quite complicated when you will perform it practically.

This Wedding Itinerary includes the following: Morning: 

The Wedding Itinerary:

Day 1 Date
- Morning: {{Bride name}} picks up flowers
- Afternoon: {{Bride name}} processes flowers
- {{Friend name}} helps if needed
- All Groomsmen/ Dad’s Pick up Tuxes/ Rental at Shop

Day 2 Date
- 8am- 11am {{Friend name}} & {{Bride name}} make centrepieces/ arrangements
- Noon-1:00 Get Nails Done
- 1:00 {{Friend name}}, {{Groom name}}, & Family check into hotel Bring first round of flowers, décor, menu’s, table cards, photo frames, guest book, table numbers, slideshow, website cameras and hotel guest baggies
- 3:00 Bus Loads for Rehearsal
- 3:15 Bus Leaves for Rehearsal at {{Church name}}
- 5:00 Rehearsal at Church {{Church Address}}
- 6:00 Bus Loads and heads back to Rehearsal Dinner
- 7:00 Rehearsal Dinner at {{Venue}} {{Address}}
o Dinner will be served

Day3 Date

- 8am- 11:00am Hair and Makeup, Getting ready photos with {{Friend name}}’s cameras
o Reading letters ({{Groom name}} and {{Friend name}})
o Non-visible first-look (shot by Lindsey)
o Dress Details, Makeup, and candids of girls getting ready, and MOM/ Sisters!
o Bouquets arrive (or will be at hotel from night before)

- 11:15 Bus loads in the parking lot (all bridal party leaves!)
o {{Friend name}} and her immediate family drive separately in limo/car
o {{Bride name}} and Max will take bus or car to setup Ceremony flowers (arrangement at alter and small pew décor)
- 12:30 All arrive at  {{Church Address}}
o {{Friend name}} and sisters, MOH in Bridal room to get the dress on
o Pinning of Groomsmen 
o Flower Girl and Ring Bearer line up

- 1:00pm
- 1:55pm Alter Photos
o 2:08pm Family all lines out on the church steps and {{Groom name}} and {{Friend name}} have GRAND EXIT from church

- 2:15- 3:15 Buses Depart and head back to the hotel while Bridal Party begins photos:
o Bridal party heads straight to order for {{Groom name}} and {{Friend name}}, while {{Groom name}} and {{Friend name}} take some couple photos around church grounds.
o Photos of Bride and Groom joining eating really fun photos, feeding each other, candids
o Photos around {{Park Location}}:

- Walking across the street under (use Street, less crowded 
- {{Groom name}} & {{Friend name}} on the Stop/ landing of ‘with …signs in the background, and city view from the landing
- If time permits, bus will drop us off by Café … located at {{Address}}

- 3:20- 4:15 Party Bus Photos on the way back to the hotel (one photographer needed on the bus)
o {{Bride name}} and Max begin to set up the reception, guest table cards, and floral vases

- 4:15- 5:00 Photos at hotel
o Halo Entrance with Bridal Party
o Long, Bright hallway (all-natural light)
o {{Groom name}} & {{Friend name}} portraits in lounge areas of the hotel, also crystal curtain  

Please have a look at it and you might even discover this template has a slightly different perspective and can be very helpful.

Download this Wedding Itinerary directly to your computer, open it, modify it or print it directly. You'll see it is a great way to increase your productivity and to bring your task to a successful conclusion. Congratulations!

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