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De beste manier om een Bedankt voor het ontvangen van studiebeurzen aan Universiteit te maken? Check direct dit professionele Bedankt voor het ontvangen van studiebeurzen aan Universiteit template!

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How to draft a proper Scholarship Thank You Letter letter? 

Great talent or deserves to be awarded a sponsorship! If you want to send a proper Thank You Note to the donor, we recommend you to check out this Scholarship Thank You Letter Sample. Once you are selected by a University or Institution for a scholarship, this means the recipient will be eligible for receiving a monetary gift from an individual, corporation, or family. It’s common practice that you respond swiftly with a thank you letter. 

In such a letter, you will thank the donor(s) that are investing in your education. Finding the words to express your gratitude to a donor can sometimes be challenging or intimidating, but it is important to let the donor know that his or her scholarship is greatly appreciated. You must write one letter for each scholarship you receive. 

  • Funds may with withheld or canceled if you do not submit your thank you letter(s) in a timely manner.
  • Make sure the letter is free of both grammatical and spelling errors. Double-check for typos.
  • Write clearly and concisely. 
  • Be sincere and express enthusiasm.
  • Send it in typewritten in a business format including all of the elements of a letter: your name,  date, salutation, body, closing, and a handwritten signature or digital image of it. 
  • One page is appropriate.
  • Tell the donor a bit about yourself. Things you may include are your hometown, high school, family background, why you chose to attend College.
  • Talk about your experiences at College. What year are you in? What is your major? When are you expecting to graduate? What are your career goals?
  • Express your gratitude for the scholarship and how it is going to help you. Do not tell the donor how you are going to use the money unless you know what the scholarship covers. (Example: You have a tuition-only scholarship, and you tell them you are going to use the money to buy books).
  • Send the letter typewritten in business format. 
  • Use quality paper.

The right stimulation will help you to achieve mutual goals faster and will benefit your results! After downloading and filling in the blanks, you can easily customize e.g. style, typography, details, and appearance of your Thank you note. 

Sample Scholarship Thank You Letter Scholarship Endowment Donor(s):

First paragraph: state purpose of letter:

I was very happy to learn that I was a recipient of the Name of the scholarship. I am writing to thank you for your generous, financial support towards my higher education. 

Second paragraph: share a little about yourself, your background, goals, and indicate why the scholarship is important to you. I am a Mathematics major who plans to pursue a teaching career at the secondary level. I am currently a junior and plan to graduate in the fall of 2020. After graduation, I will seek employment at one of our local public schools with hopes of inspiring other students to achieve higher education. 

Third paragraph: close by thanking the donor again and make a commitment to do well with the donor investment. By awarding me the Name of the scholarship I am able to concentrate on what is important for me, education. Your financial generosity has allowed me to be one step closer to my goal and has inspired me to help others by giving back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help other students achieve their goals just as you have helped me. Sincerely,

Download this professional and politely drafted Scholarship Thank You Letter for Receiving Scholarship to University! This Thank You message will capture your receiver's attention for sure!

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