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De beste manier om een Ervaring brief van werkgever te maken? Check direct dit professionele Ervaring brief van werkgever template!

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How to write an experience Letter as an Employer?

Great performance, effort, service, or quality by an employee should be rewarded! Even when they decide to leave your organization. A common request is an Experience letter, that states the person's performance. It's a formal letter issued by the employer to the employee that certifies the employee gained specific experience during his or her time at the organization. Experience letters are used by employees at the time of job search.

To meet the minimum requirements of an organization, it's possible that you are asked to submit third-party documentation verifying that you possess the required on-the-job work experience. A typical way to verify your experience is to obtain a letter from a current or previous supervisor/employer. If your experience spans across more than one employer, please submit as many letters as needed to equal the required number of years.

Best practices and tips to keep in mind when creating a work experience letter as an employer:

  1. Must be on Company's Letterhead;
  2. Full Name of the Employee as per the official Record;
  3. Date of issue of the certificate;
  4. Immediately clear about your name, experience, and last position;
  5. Salutation or Declaration “To Whom It May Concern”;
  6. Full Name of the Employee as per the official Record;
  7. Period of Employment (Date of Joining and the last day of working in the organization);
  8. Uses the correct name of the organization and must be on Company's Letterhead;
  9. Includes the person’s full name (and possibly the gender);
  10. Date the certificate, mention day of issuing;
  11. Period of Employment: specify duration or tenure of the employment period with the previous organization;
  12. Specify the designation;
  13. Nature of Duties or (last) responsibilities held;
  14. Mention person was dedicated towards job or company;
  15. Conduct;
  16. Additional remarks by the employer;
  17. Brief, preferably one page in length;
  18. Clean, error-free, and easy to read;
  19. Write a positive statement regarding the employee's future at end of the letter;
  20. Place an Authorized signature and organizations' seal;
  21. Use a common business letter or certificate format, like this template.

By awarding someone this Experience Certificate you will capture your future employer's attention for sure. Helping your previous employees will be the best thing to do. Positive stimulation will come back to you, which will help you to achieve your organization's goals as well. For example, if a salesperson leaves the company, he might be able to still help to get new customers, if he or she doesn't leave with a bad taste in his mouth.

Experience Letter From Employer sample wording:

  • To whom it may concern,
  • Dear Sir or Madam,
  • I am writing to confirm {{name of employee}}’s employment experience with {{company name}}. 
  • {{Employee}} began with {{company name}} on {{start and end date of employment}} as a {{job title}}. 
  • {{Name of employee}} performed the duties of {{list description of duties}}. 
  • {{Name of employee}} spent roughly {{percentage}} in the field, and {{percentage}} in the office.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 
  • Please contact me at {{contact information}} if you have any questions. 
  • Yours sincerely,

We offer free work experience certificates to print for Word. They are easy to hand out and useful when a good employee decided to leave your company. Check out our collection of 100+ professionally designed certificate templates to download and create your personal certificate directly. This is the perfect solution!

Download this Experience Certificate template and customize e.g. content, text position, change the fonts, add your own pictures, logos, style, typography, details, and appearance of your personalized good-looking certificate in minutes. 

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