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Do you have an urgent complaint against a person and you want to write a Formal letter against that person about the situation? Download this Complaint letter

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How to write an urgent complaint against a person? Do you have an urgent complaint against a person and you want to write a Formal letter against that person about the situation?

In this case, we know you don't want to spend more time on the issue, but its good you act and complaint about the situation. A complaint hopefully increases the quality and service level of the organization that caused the issue. Complaint letters can be written to a person if he or she is causing the issue, according to your opinion. An actual letter to a senior person in the organization will be much more effective than a quick e-mail or a telephone call to your customer service hotline. This example complaint letter illustrates the importance of making a specific and compelling case that essentially demands action from your management.

This letter comes in Microsoft Office format, is ready to be tailored to your personal needs. You can add text, remove content that isn’t applicable, change the look and formatting; in fact anything you are able to do with one of your own documents, you can do with this one as well. This letter template is deliberately designed to be flexible so that it can be adjusted to your needs and preferences.

Complaint letter against a person

To Whom It May Concern, / Dear Mr., Mrs.,
I have been a faithful employee in this company for the past [##] years. My time at the company has been good one so far, but now a problem has come up, which threatens to disrupt my otherwise peaceful time at the company. 
This letter is regarding the behavior of my immediate supervisor, [Name supervisor] is the head at the [Department name] Department from the last two months, and for some reason of his own, he has singled me out to harass.
Ever since, he was transferred from another department to head the marketing division, he has managed to find some fault with me, even if there are none. I am constantly accused of not completing my daily work despite me meeting all my daily targets. Many times I have been kept out of team meetings. 

The formats for the reports are changed, and [Name] conveniently forgets to inform me about it, so that he has another reason to point fingers at me. On the [Date incident], [Name] denied me a leave of [##] days, despite knowing that my wife was admitted in the hospital. I did not face any such problems from my previous Head of Department, [Name previous supervisor], who got promoted to another department. You can even contact [Name previous supervisor] to check on my records.

I have been left feeling hurt by [Name supervisor] attitude towards me, and it has affected the quality of my work. I even spoke openly to him on this issue regarding me, but he denied any kind of indifferent behavior towards me. Finally, I have taken this step to inform you about his behavior, which has been causing me distress.
If this kind of injustice continues, I will be forced to consider my employment in the company. I have invested a good [##} years of my life, and would be heart-broken to leave this place. I have faith that you will help me sort out this issue with [Name supervisor], and we may be able to find a way to co-exist.

Therefore, we do not recommend to spend lots of precious time searching for a suitable complaint letter. Just download this formal complaint letter sample against a person template directly that has been put together for you!

Using this Complaint Letter template guarantees you will save time, cost and effort! Still consider if its worth the effort, if you do not want to work at the company anymore. However, the person that treated you badly should not easily get rid of this problematic situation, and it should be a learning moment for him or her.

Download complaint letter for negligence now and send it as soon as you can to the company that caused this problematic situation.

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