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Location Control Level Operational Period From To 1.0 SITUATION Disease, community, environment PROMPTS: Weather, disease trends, Resources, Hazards safety REFERENCE: Maps, weather reports, Sitreps, appreciation, warnings, alerts CURRENT PREDICTED 2.0 OBJECTIVES (or MISSION) PROMPTS: Time space REFERENCE: Appreciation control options, courses open to disease CURRENT ALTERNATE 3.0 EXECUTION add safety information as appropriate GENERAL OUTLINE PROMPTS: Strategies tactics (current/proposed/alternate) REFERENCE: Appreciation, Control Options GROUPINGS TASKS Including PR Media COORDINATING INSTRUCTIONS PROMPTS: Timings, routes, assembly areas, staging areas 4.1 ADMINISTRATION (Logistics support) PROMPTS: Unit names, locations, contact names, phone no s, timings, duties/tasks, routes, suppliers, quantities, status (required, organised, stand by, enroute) SUPPLY WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN of resources not readily available GROUND SUPPORT Transport of personnel, traffic mgt, refuelling, mechanical repair/maintenance COMMUNICATIONS Installation, maintenance, technical advice STAGING AREA/ FCP Setting up, communications, staffing 4.2 ADMINISTRATION (Logistics services) PROMPTS: Unit names, locations, contact names, phone no s, timings, duties/tasks, routes, suppliers, quantities, status (required, organised, stand by, enroute) FACILITIES Security, waste, cleaning CATERING WHS/MEDICAL Medical plan, first aid plan FINANCE TRAVEL INDUCTION/ TRAINING ACCOMMODATION 5.0 CONTROL, COORDINATION COMMUNICATION CONTROL COORDINATION STRUCTURE Refer to Structural Chart COORDINATION LIAISON Local knowledge, police, agency reps, emergency mgt reps COMMUNICATIONS PROMPTS Communications structure, operational comms plan, information mgt EXTRAS Attachments PROMPTS maps, weather, organisational charts, resources, comms diagram Plan developers PROMPTS PO, Logs Mgr, Controller Approval Controller/ Director Record: File with registry.

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