How to write a two week notice

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How to write a two-week notice? Easy to download and use how to write a two week notice. Good luck with your next chapter!

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How to write a two-week notice?

Writing a letter of formal notice sounds like an intricate task, but really, the structure is fairly simple. Drafting one shouldn’t take more than an hour of your time, and a pinch more of your patience.

Once you’ve made your decision, send your letter with as much notice as circumstance allows. The age-old metric is two weeks, but give a Two-week notice or more if possible. The more time your company has to find your replacement.

  1. The header. The beginning should be like any other professional email you’ve written: your name, date, address, and a subject line. Include the information of the person you are addressing and your company’s details.
  2. Paragraph 1. State your intent and last day. Once everyone is clear on who you are and whose being addressed, get right to business. State your resignation as the first line of your letter. Be straightforward, but also friendly. Emphasize who you are and your position in the company. At the end of this paragraph, put the date of your last day.
  3. Paragraph 2. Say thank you. At this point, you should take the opportunity to thank your employers for hiring you in the first place and the experience you’ve had working there. (Even if it was the worst job you ever had, you gained the knowledge that you don’t want that type of job again. That’s valuable.)
  4. Paragraph 3. Give a reason for departure. Optionally, you can give a reason for your departure. You definitely won’t want to say, “I hated every second working here, and that’s why I’m quitting,”. Even if you’re quitting a job you just started, letting an employer know that there are no hard feelings, and you’re leaving because of a new opportunity in a respectful way can be beneficial.
  5. The closing paragraph offers help. Once you’ve addressed your resignation and the details, you can now move on to the next steps. Offer your company help in whatever way that may be to smoothly transition a new employee into your position. Mention that you’re willing to train the new recruit and that you’ll continue working to your full capacity until your very last day. Be doubly thankful. Before you close your letter, thank your supervisor and the company once more. It can be a nice gesture to let them know you’re wishing them well in the future, despite your resignation. Courtesy is key.
  6. The sign off. Finish your two-week notice letter with a neatly packaged:
  7. Proofread. Give the letter one final proofread and once you’re absolutely positive, send it off to your supervisor. For a more formal approach, you can also make your resignation handwritten, and give to your supervisor personally. This would be less common in the digital age, but for your situation, it may be more appropriate. Take into consideration what you think your boss will respond more positively to, and go with that course of delivery.     
Please consider that it might cause some stress for an employer who needs to find a replacement. Therefore, it's important to give the notice in time (especially check with your contract), perhaps two or four weeks in advance, which is often an accepted minimum period of time.

We hope you made the best decision and this 2 Weeks Notice can be of good use to you, in order to write a polite and compelling resignation letter.

Good luck with your next chapter!

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