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How to make a professional Project Management Plan Word? Download this project management Project Management Plan Word template now!

Adequate communication is essential in projects, in order to have truthful and accurate information exchange in order to ensure program managers or project managers are able to do rationally and correct decision making. For those who make have, what we call, a "high-performance mindset”, we know they prefer to work with the latest update of professional project management templates, in order to achieve their goals faster!

Feel free to download this Project Management Plan Word, or simply browse through our other basic or advanced template designs. They are intuitive and in several kinds of formats, such as: PDF, WORD, XLS (EXCEL including formulas and can calculate sums automatically), etc. 

Using this project management template guarantees that you will save time, cost and efforts and makes you more successful in your project, work and business!

Completing your project management Project Management Plan Word was never simpler! Download it now! 

Version Issue date Name Position Approval date Related documents Document Location Table of Contents 1 Document Purpose 4 2 Project Information 4 2.1 Key Contacts 4 2.2 Project Background 5 3 Project Definition 5 3.1 Project Objectives 5 3.2 Project Scope 5 3.2.1 Inclusions 5 3.2.2 Exclusions 5 3.3 Assumptions 5 3.4 Constraints 5 4 Approach 6 4.1 Deliverables 6 4.2 Project Organisation Structure 6 4.3 Roles and Responsibilities 6 5 Governance and Reporting 7 5.1 Governance Structure 7 5.2 Reports 7 6 Project Controls 7 6.1 Schedule Dependencies Management 7 6.2 Financial Management 7 6.3 Risk Management 7 6.4 Issue Management 7 6.5 Quality Management 7 6.6 Change Control 8 6.7 Resource Management 8 6.8 Stakeholder Management 8 6.9 Communications Plan 8 6.10 Lessons Learnt 8 7 Appendix A: Project Schedule 9 8 Appendix B: Risks 10 9 Appendix C: Quality Management Plan 11 10 Appendix D: Data Migration Strategy Approach 12 11 Appendix E: Testing Strategy Approach 13 12 Appendix F: Implementation Strategy 14 1 Document Purpose The Project Management Plan (PMP) is developed at the commencement of Initiate Phase of the ITS Project Delivery Framework.. Project: Document Version Date Checked By Document content / or N/A Comments Does the document conform to the template and have the required sections Introduction Project Information Project Definition Objectives Scope Assumptions Constraints Dependencies Approach Deliverables Project Structure Governance Structure Reporting Structure Project Controls Appendices ( Project Schedule Risks Quality Management Plan Data Migration Plan Testing Strategy Implementation Plan Does the introduction contain appropriate information: Does it clearly state a purpose or justification for the project or requirements Does the introduction give a clear view of the project objective or requirements Does the objective of the project outline or make reference to the Swinburne 2020 strategy or the IT strategy Can the background be clearly und

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