Mga Pormal na Liham na template, kontrata, form o dokumento.

How to draft a formal Letter or Document?

Official correspondence is written in formal and ceremonial language and follows a certain format. Such letters are addressed to authorities, dignitaries, colleagues, senior citizens, etc. for official purposes, not to personal contacts, friends or family members. When writing a formal letter, there are a few conventions to keep in mind.

The purpose of a formal letter is simple: to tell a person or company something specific, but usually in a respectful way. A formal letter differs from an informal letter in that it follows certain rules and is a standard letter format. n

In a formal letter, you should provide the recipient with details about your request, thank them for considering it, and include your contact information.

Obviously, the tone and content are most evident in a formal letter. Also, the wordings of the letter should be written in such a way that it expresses your appeal in a genuine manner.

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