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What is a UCI timesheet? How to make a timesheet in Excel or Google sheets? A UCI timesheet is a critical tool for managing employee work hours, ensuring accurate compensation, and maintaining compliance.

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What is a UCI timesheet? How to make a timesheet in Excel or Google sheets?

A UCI (University of California, Irvine) timesheet is a document or digital tool used by employees and staff at the University of California, Irvine to record and report their working hours. Timesheets are essential for tracking hours worked, ensuring accurate payroll processing, and maintaining compliance with labor regulations.

Key Components of an UCI Timesheet:

  • Employee Information:

    • Name: The full name of the employee.
    • Employee ID: A unique identification number assigned to each employee.
    • Department: The department or unit where the employee works.
    • Supervisor/Manager: The name of the employee's supervisor or manager.

  • Time Entry:
    • Date: The specific dates for which the hours are being recorded.
    • Start Time: The time the employee begins work each day.
    • End Time: The time the employee ends work each day.
    • Breaks: Duration and times of any breaks taken (e.g., lunch breaks).
    • Total Hours Worked: The total number of hours worked each day.

  • Pay Period:
    • Start Date: The beginning date of the pay period.
    • End Date: The ending date of the pay period.
    • Total Hours for Pay Period: The total number of hours worked during the entire pay period.

  • Types of Hours:
    • Regular Hours: Standard working hours.
    • Overtime Hours: Hours worked beyond the standard workday or workweek that qualify for overtime pay.
    • Sick Leave: Hours taken as sick leave.
    • Vacation: Hours taken as vacation leave.
    • Holiday: Hours taken for recognized holidays.

  • Authorization and Approval:
    • Employee Signature: Signature of the employee to confirm the accuracy of the recorded hours.
    • Supervisor/Manager Signature: Signature of the supervisor or manager to verify and approve the timesheet.

  • Additional Information:
    • Comments/Notes: Any additional notes or comments that may be relevant, such as explanations for overtime or unusual work hours.

Purpose and Benefits of UCI Timesheets:

  • Accurate Payroll: Ensures employees are paid accurately based on the hours they have worked.
  • Compliance: Helps the university comply with labor laws and regulations regarding working hours, overtime, and record-keeping.
  • Record Keeping: Maintains an official record of hours worked, which can be useful for audits, disputes, and performance reviews.
  • Resource Management: Assists in tracking and managing workforce resources and scheduling.
  • Transparency: Provides transparency and accountability for both employees and management regarding hours worked and leave taken.


  • Submission: Employees typically submit their timesheets at the end of each pay period, either electronically or in paper form, depending on the university's system.
  • Review and Approval: Supervisors review the timesheets for accuracy and approve them before they are processed by the payroll department.
  • Payroll Processing: Approved timesheets are used by the payroll department to calculate wages and process payments.

A UCI timesheet is a critical tool for managing employee work hours, ensuring accurate compensation, and maintaining compliance with university policies and labor laws.

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