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Are you Supplier and like to extend with new drop shipping dealers? What does a good Drop Shipping application form needs to consist of? Download this Drop Shipping Expert Guide: Dealer Application form template now...

For those successful Drop Shipping Suppliers/ Manufacturers/ Wholesalers we have the best Drop Shipping templates assembled in our "Drop Shipping Expert Guide"! 

By going through this template and filling in the blanks, you will soon have an idea how to set up a successful drop shipping business or how to improve your current business model, and what kind of terms and conditions are applicable.

Stakeholders are:
  • Wholesaler/Supplier/Manufacturer
  • Customer
  • Drop Shipping Retailer/Drop shipper
  • Transporter 

Please consider the following when you want to attract new Drop Shipping Retailers. For a Drop shipping vendor, the ideal supplier to partner with:
  • is reliable and needs to produce quality products;
  • open for innovative ways to do his business, and wants to outsource this online marketing tasks to you, and who will not try too;
  • has your products on stock;
  • needs to be ready for growth for his company;
  • are able to ship goods worldwide (much bigger market);
  • needs to ship products frequently, and max. once a week. This is important, because customers want to receive the products as soon as possible;
  • has a showroom to show its products;
  • can provide customer support, when you receive questions from customers;
  • pays the commission on a frequent basis.

Try out our online drop shipping business templates, forms and contracts today. Save, fill-In the blanks, print …and done!

Nothing on this site shall be considered legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is established.

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