Neueste Schablone 10 Tage

Unsere neuesten Geschäftsformulare, Verträge, Vereinbarungen und Vorlagen

  1. Persoonlijkheids Zelf Assessment

    Bent u op zoek naar een Persoonlijkheids Test Assessment in Excel? Een eenvoudige manier om uw test spreadsheet te maken, is door dit voorbeeld Zelf-Persoonlijk

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  2. In-house Services Phone Call Script Covid-19

    How to create an Inhouse Phone Call Script COVID-19 that can be used when talking to customers? Check out this printable COVID-19 Inhouse Phone Call script now.

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  3. In-house Services COVID 19 E-mail Script

    How to create an In-house services COVID 19? Check out this printable COVID-19 phone and email script for in-house services template now.

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  4. Working From Home Workstation Tutorial

    How to set up a workstation at home? Check out this printable COVID-19 tutorial now that explains to employees how to work from home the right way.

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  5. Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence Master Planning

    How to make a Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence Planning in Excel? An easy way to create one is by downloading this example Merger Acquisition DD Excel spreads

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  6. Statement Of Applicability CyberSecurity

    How to create a Statement Of Applicability according CyberSecurity standards? Download this Statement Of Applicability if you are working on IEC, NIST, ISO27001:2013 or other IT and CyberSecurit

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  7. Employee Confidentiality Statement IT Security

    How do you write a confidential statement? Download this Employee Confidentiality Statement if you are working on NIST, Cyber Essentials (UK), ISO/IEC 27001:201

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  8. Acceptable Use IT CyberSecurity Standard

    How to define an Acceptable Use IT CyberSecurity Standard? Download this Acceptable Use IT Security Standard template if you are working on IEC, NIST, ISO27001:

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  9. Personal Leave Request Form template

    How to create a Personal Leave Request Form for your organization? We provide a Personal Leave Request that fits your needs!

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