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What is the easiest and funniest game on the road that can keep kids busy?.... Car Bingo!

This Car bingo card set for free and print it before you are leaving for your trip. When you want to play Car Bingo with friends or family, an easy way to prepare for the game before you are leaving for your big trip, by downloading these blank Car Bingo cards as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets template

The standard Bingo card has 16 or 25 fields, and often with 1 empty space. When you plan Car bingo, you are not using numbers or letters, but car brand logos. When you are driving, you can spot the cars around you and check the spaces on your car bingo sheet. The one who saw all the cars at first is the winner.

On a blank Car bingo card, using the “Answers for BINGO cards”, enter one answer in each square. Do not repeat answers, just 1 logo per car.  Have someone reveal the spotted car brands at the time they spot it. If the car logo expression matches an answer on your card, cross it with a pencil. Continue revealing car logo's until someone has an entire row, column, or diagonal covered with chips and yells CAR BINGO!

According to the type of Car Bingo you play, you may increase the difficulty, but adding the color of the car.

If this size (5x5) is too big, it's easy to modify the Bingo card to 3x3. 

Download this printable Car Bingo card Excel template that is also compatible with Google Sheets, so you don't have to start from scratch. Fun guaranteed during a long drive!

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