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How to draft a Pharmacy Newsletter? An easy way to start completing your document is to download this Pharmacy Newsletter template now!

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News December 2010 Virginia Board of Pharmacy Published to promote compliance of pharmacy and drug law Perimeter Center • 9960 Mayland Dr, Suite 300 • Henrico, VA 23233 Phone: 804/367-4456 • Board Appointments and Officer Election Results Frequently Cited Deficiencies in Community Pharmacies The following individuals were recently appointed by Governor Bob McDonnell to the Virginia Board of Pharmacy: Robert M.. continued on page 4 Page 1 NABP Celebrating 30 Years of Pharmacy News 30 1980-2010 FDA Alert Regarding Administration of Oral Nimodipine Capsules Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reminds health care providers that oral nimodipine capsules should be given only by mouth or through a feeding or nasogastric tube and should never be given by intravenous administration.. FDA advises that patients should make sure that children are not exposed to Evamist and that children do not come into contact with any skin area where the drug was applied, and for Page 2 National Pharmacy (Applicability of the contents of articles in the National Pharmacy Comp and can only be ascertained by examini those who cannot avoid contact with children to wear a garment with long sleeves to cover the application site.. The following information must be verified during the doublecheck process: Comparison to prescriber’s order: ♦ Is this the prescribed drug ♦ Is this the prescribed dose/strength/rate and route of administration ♦ Is this the right patient (use two patient identifiers) ♦ Is this the prescribed frequency Additional cognitive checks: ♦ Does the drug’s indication correspond to the patient’s diagnosis ♦ Is this the right drug formulation ♦ Are dose calculations correct ♦ Is the dosing formula (eg, mg/kg) used to derive the final dose correct ♦ Is the prescribed dose/frequency/timing appropriate for this patient ♦ Is the route of administration safe and proper for this patient ♦ Has patient been educated on appropriate monitoring ASCO/FDA Program

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