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How to write a HR agreement on services rendered? Download this HR agreement on services rendered template now!

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How to write a Human Resources Agreement On Services Rendered? Download this HR Agreement On Services Rendered template now!

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Contract for services rendered to company clients:

Services Rendered to Employer’s Clients.  
It is agreed by the Employer and the Employee that in the event the Employee's employment is terminated for any reason, he or she may render Professional Services to any person of entity, or to any representative of such person or entity to whom the Employer, or its agents or employees, rendered Professional Services as of the date of the Employee's termination (the "Client"). 

Compensation for Professional Services to Employer’s Clients.  For each Client to whom the Employee renders Professional Services after the termination of his or her employment, Employee agrees to remit to the Employer eighteen percent (18%) of the gross fees collected from such Client during the five (5) years following the Employee's termination, provided, however, that if the Employee was receiving compensation with respect to such Clients pursuant to the Employer's Referral Incentive Bonus Program (the "Bonus Program"), Employee agrees to remit fifteen percent (15%) of gross collected fees from such Clients until the total amount of monies paid to the Employee under the Bonus Program is repaid to the Employer. The Employee agrees to allow the Employer to undertake any audit or examination of records to satisfy itself as to the validity of the information furnished by the Employee. Such audit or examination by the Employer shall be at the Employer's expense unless the Employer discovers discrepancies in the information furnished by the Employee causing the fees received from such Clients to be understated, in which case the audit and examination shall be at the Employee's expense. The payment required pursuant to this paragraph shall be required from the Employee regardless of whether the Employee is employed by another firm at the time the fees are received. 

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