Informative Speech Outline For Podium Speaker

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How do I create an outline template? Do you need an effective Informative Speech Outline For Podium Speaker?

This easy customizable Informative Speech Outline For Podium Speaker can be used for any kind of personal matter. We support you by providing this Informative Speech Outline For Podium Speaker template, which will save you time, cost and efforts and help you to reach a higher level of success in your life!

Don't reinvent the wheel when asked to do an informative or persuasive speech. An informative speech provides information about a specific subject to an audience. The aim of an informative speech is to help your audience to understand and to remember the information you are presenting. Students will create a five-minute informative speech on a topic of their choice.  They must make sure the topic is narrow enough to thoroughly be presented within five minutes. 

Support the chosen points and create a working outline with a general and specific purpose statement, a thesis statement, and the three main points with supporting evidence for each point. Your general purpose in an informative speech is to inform. Your specific purpose relates to your topic and to the specific information you want to convey.

  • Chapter outline
  • Introduction
  • Functions of Informative Speeches 
    • Provide Knowledge
    • Shape Perceptions
    • Articulate Alternatives
    • Allow us to Survive and Evolve 
  • Role of Speaker 
    • Informative Speakers are Objective
    • Informative Speakers are Credible
    • Informative Speakers 
    • Make the Topic Relevant 
  • Informative Speakers are Knowledgeable
    • Types of Informative Speeches
    • Definitional Speeches 
    • Descriptive Speeches 
    • Explanatory Speeches 
    • Demonstration Speeches 
    • Developing Informative Speeches
    • Generate and Maintain Interest
    • Create Coherence
  • Make Speech Memorable 
    • Conclusion 
    • Review Questions and Activities
    • Glossary 
    • References 
  • A speaker hasn’t taught until the audience has learned..  Boost Your Credibility Establish Expertise By:
  • Help the Audience Identify with You By: 
  • Show You are Telling the Truth By: 
  • Citing reputable sources 
  • Making sure your facts are accurate Covering your points in enough detail to demonstrate your knowledge Revealing your personal expertise with the topic Wearing appropriate and attractive clothing Mentioning what you have in common Being friendly and enthusiastic 
  • Relating to listeners’ situations, feelings, and motives 
  • Presenting both sides of an issue 
  • Sharing what motivated you to select your topic 
  • Having open, natural nonverbals that correspond to what you say Approaching the speech with ethics and positive intentions for your audience explain that there are two kinds of credibility the reputation that precedes you before you give your speech (antecedent credibility) and the credibility you develop during the course of your speech (consequent credibility).
  • Another way to help your listeners remember is by the use of techniques like association, linking the new topic to things that the audience knows about 
  • Model of Learning Learning Style Approach the Learner With… Visual Learners Maps, charts, graphs,

Specific Purpose
The specific purpose of a speech is its goal, stated in a complete sentence. If the general purpose of your speech is to inform, then your specific purpose will be a statement of the particular information you will present to the audience.

Example: General purpose in his speech about place-kicking is to inform. His specific purpose could be stated in a complete sentence. “I want to explain the steps in sports-style place-kicking.”

1. Express the specific purpose as a declarative sentence;
2. State the specific purpose precisely. “I want to explain the four steps in soccer-style place-kicking.”;
3. Make sure the specific purpose contains only one idea;
4. Include words in the specific purpose that show your intent. Examples: explain, show, give.

To organize the body of a speech, you will need to: 
  • determine the main points you want to stress;
  • organize the main points in a consistent pattern the audience can follow;
  • outline all the material you plan to use in the speech.
Because the body of a speech contains the most important ideas that will be presented, many experienced speakers prepare it first.

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