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What necessary precautions to take when people are coming back to work during and after the Covid-19 Outbreak for the employer or management? Download this Back

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What necessary precautions to take when people are coming back to work during and after the Covid-19 Outbreak for the employer or management? Download this Back To Work Checklist Coronavirus for Employers now.

Now that the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease appears to be more under control, the staff is slowly returning back to work. Therefore, make sure all precautions below are taken into consideration as the management of a company. This checklist is specially prepared for those companies that open office during and after the COVID-19 outbreak.

 This checklist consists of good practices and helps to ensure a smooth transition back to work for employers. Since the discovery of the coronavirus, it's common that WHO or other health care organizations send daily updates to members and the audience to provide details regarding the epidemy. It's important to follow these and to implement them in your daily work operations. 

This checklist aims to implement all those precautions that are considered to be helpful in preventing the virus from spreading.

This back to work checklist is made to provide good practices for the management of a company on how to deal with the novel coronavirus outbreak. Most people know that it can spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes, but there is more to it. Therefore, it's important to give much attention to the virus, and to prevent spreading. Consider the following precautions:

Provide health-related office articles:
  • Tissues
  • No-touch trash-bins
  • No-touch soap dispensers
  • Hand sanitizers Anti-bacterial Hand gels/rubs
  • Vitamins C, B6, E, etc (optional)
  • Masks (optional)

Work preparations
  • 1-on-1 talks with staff: what will your first week back look like and what is most important
  • Let staff contact HR at least two weeks in advance to confirm the first day back and what to expect.

Clean and frequently touched common surfaces
  • Elevator buttons, phones, chargers, door handles, computer equipment (mouse), etc
  • Ask personnel to clean their mobile phones, tablets, etc on a regular basis

  • Confirm staff was able to arrange a daycare provider or nanny (some have difficulties traveling)
  • Ask staff to bring a brief emergency contact list

Encourage respiratory hygiene
Covering mouth with elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing

Take care of frequent waste management

Discontinue the use of shared items
Notebooks, Pencils, Pens, clipboards, phones, cutlery, etc

Avoid usage of fans, central air condition, and heating systems

Review HR policies
Make sure the practices are consistent with public health  recommendations from WHO/CDC/Government, etc and workplace laws

Stay informed of local government guidelines

Prepare risk assessment
In the case of staff illness, absences or quarantine

Cross-train staff for all essential business functions, jobs, roles to maintain operationally
Write or update the Business Continuity Plan

Consider travel restrictions
Make sure only essential work-related meetings or events are held, and others are postponed

Prepare for flexible working solutions
Make sure all employees can continue their daily operations from home or another safe location, by providing access via IT, arrange meetings with software/online tools

Provide un-paid leave solutions for those employees who qualify for this

Encourage using disposable tableware
Single-use cups, cutlery, plates, etc

Establish a process to communicate information
Start sharing information with employees, business partners etc on the outbreak and on how to response (Outbreak response plan) and the latest COVID-19 information

Download this Back To Work Checklist Coronavirus for Employers now and place it in a prominent place in the office so management can see it.

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