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How to evaluate your Drop Shipping Suppliers? Download this Drop Shipping Supplier Rating Evaluation Excel worksheet and start immediately with your comparison!

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How to evaluate your Drop Shipping SuppliersDownload this Drop Shipping Supplier Rating Evaluation Excel worksheet and start immediately with your comparison!

We support drop shippers in their business, and to help them ensure they work with the right suppliers. The ideal drop ship supplier to partner with:

  • Needs to be reliable and needs to produce quality products;
  • That don’t have a lot of business online yet;
  • They have to be open for innovative ways to do his business, and wants to outsource this online marketing tasks to you, and who will not try too;
  • When your supplier has your products on stock;
  • Then need be ready for growth for his company;
  • They are able to ship goods worldwide (much bigger market);
  • Needs to ship your product frequently, and max. once a week. This is important, because your customers wants to receive the products as soon as possible;
  • Has a showroom to show its products;
  • Can provide customer support for you, when you receive questions from customers;
  • Can pay your commission on a frequent basis.

Nowadays, many suppliers sell the same or similar items. Therefore it's important to be sure to work with the right supplier (not only the cheapest). By providing this Drop Shipping Supplier Evaluation template, you can save time, cost and effort and help you to increase the results that come out of your business immediately!

This Rating system works with a weighting system, and will automatically calculate all the results in Excel. You will see that its intuitive, ready-to-use and logically structured.

The comparison scale goes from Excellent (4), Good (3), Fair (2) to Poor (1) and it has the option to place Comments. You can fill in the evaluation for each supplier, and see the results in 1 overview. After downloading, perform the following steps to gain insight in the current suppliers:

1. Evaluate Supplier on items listed and check the appropriate columns, because some items may not apply.
2. Indicate Supplier’s overall rating by checking the appropriate column.
3. If Supplier’s overall rating is fair or poor, please explain under “Comments”

Some of the following items are on the list of items to compare:

  • Price level
  • Keeps products in Stock
  • Ships Worldwide
  • Has Showroom to show customers
  • Pays Commission on frequent basis
  • Delivers on Time
  • Condition of Goods on Arrival
  • Follows Instructions
  • Number of Rejections
  • Handles Rejections
  • Promptly
  • Handling of Complaints
  • Technical Assistance
  • Emergency Aid
  • Furnishes Specially
  • Requested Information
  • Delivers Without Constant
  • Follow-up
  • Keeps Promises
  • Other ( )

Download this Drop Shipping Supplier Rating Sheet With Weighting Excel template now and enhance your Drop Shipping business directly!

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