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How to create a Resignation Letter Format? Download this gentle Resignation Letter Format template now!

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How to create a Resignation Letter?

So goes a popular saying in Dutch used to announce one’s departure without having to go into detail. There is a time of arriving and a time of leaving. When you are about to retire, it's best to make a written announcement and keep a few week's or months' notices. At least 2 weeks would be the absolute minimum in many countries. It’s important to formalize your departure by notifying your employer in writing with a formal retirement letter.

The letter should include the details of your departure, such as the date you are resigning/retiring, which will be the last day you work. You may be able to negotiate about the exact retirement date since it might be mutually beneficial to change the date for you and your employer.

If you can help during the transition that will follow your resignation, mention this as well.
Make use of our retirement leave letter template to help to come to a perfect personalized version. The objective of writing this letter is to announce your retirement date to your boss or HR manager and to request a meeting to discuss the handover and other formalities.  

Whether the letter is formal, or not, we advise putting the reason for the leave in the first paragraph of the letter's body. In the paragraphs following, you can use examples to support your main argument. In the final paragraph, you need to summarize the purpose of your letter and suggest a suitable course of action to follow. Do not indent the paragraphs. But instead, leave an empty line between each paragraph. Close the letter without indentation, leaving three or four lines for your signature between the closing and your typed name and title. 

Sample content personal resignation letter:

I here with submit my resignation from the post of {{position name}} in {{division}}. 
With your permission, I would like to add the following. 
I am leaving {{organization name}}, a unique and great organization, with a rather heavy heart. 
After serving for almost {{years}} years, I have gained immensely from the knowledge and experience. 
I must admit that I take a lot of good things from here, which should take me to much higher levels. 
Dear {{Name boss}}, please allow me to say that you have been my ‘Role model’ all these years and perhaps in the times to come. It was fantastic working with {{name}} and I seek your guidance and best wishes from time to time. I hope you will spare little time in helping your old pal. I take this opportunity to thank you and other colleagues, who have made my stay in {{organization name}} very pleasurable.
Thanking you. Yours sincerely,

Writing suggestions for a resignation letter:

  • Inform customer and other stakeholders: Make sure to communicate to any stakeholders and clients that you’re leaving, and inform them who will be replacing you. 
  • Encourage them to reach out while you’re still at the company if they have any questions or concerns.
  • Keep working hard.
  • Continue to put in as much effort during your notice period as you did on your first day. 
  • Don’t miss work or come in late. 
  • Thank your co-workers and supervisors. 
  • Avoid making negative statements about your company and/or colleagues, and don’t gloat about your new opportunity in person, through email, or on social media. 
  • You don’t want unprofessional statements coming back to haunt you. 
  • Leave on good terms.
  • Don’t air your grievances about issues you faced at work you never know whom you may be working with or for in the future. 
  • Depart professionally.
  • Make sure your company-issued devices are turned in promptly and that your workspace is pristine when you leave. 
  • Remove any personal items, and organize both your digital and hardcopy files properly. 
  • Don’t feel guilty about leaving! 
  • Remind yourself of your reasons for moving on, and focus on the new opportunity ahead of you.

We provide this Resignation Letter Format template to help professionalize the way you are working. Our business and legal templates are regularly screened and used by professionals. If time or quality is of the essence, this ready-made template can help you to save time and to focus on the topics that really matter!

Using this Resignation Letter Format template guarantees you will save time and effort! Completing a decent Resignation Letter has never been easier! An easy way to start completing your resignation is to download this Letter Format now.

Download this Resignation Letter template now for your own benefit!

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