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Download this Checklist Newborn Baby template and after downloading you can change and customize every detail and appearance and finish it in minutes.

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Firstly our congratulations to you on the arrival of a newborn baby in the family! We wish him/her a bright future, and therefore we like to give you a checklist that gives you a head start! Download this free newborn baby checklist template now that shows you what you need to have on hand when the newborn arrives!

We provide thorough newborn checklist template that will help you to in the early days with your newborn baby. It will help you what to arrange and purchase and is commonly used by many new families worldwide. 

The checklist sums up what you need for the newborn baby:

Baby Cot
Baby Pillow & Bolster
Bedding Set (2 sets)
Pillow / Bolster Cover
Bed Sheet
Sleeping Bag
Diaper Stacker
Changing Table
Waterproof Sheet
Mosquito Net & Stand
Electric Cradle
Spring Cot & Net

Car Seat (0~4 yrs old)
Infant Car Seat (0~1.5 yrs old)
Baby Carrier
Baby Stroller
Baby Support Cushion
Hot / Cold Pack
Diaper Bag
Pacifier Keeper
Travel Changing Mat
Rain Cover
Feeding Set
Moses Basket

Baby Rattle
Musical Mobile
Play Gym
Bouncing Cradle or Swing
Crib Toys
Pram Toys

Stream Sterilizer
Baby Wipes
Liquid Cleanser
Bottle Brush
Bottle Tong
Bottle Warmer
Feeding Bottle (4~6)
Fever Cool Plaster
Food Warmer
Milk Bottle Dryer
Milk Powder Container
Baby Napkins (2pack)
Nappy Liners
Nappy Rash Cream
Pacifiers (2~3)
Teats / Nipple
Cotton Wool / Balls
Sterilising Tablets

Breast Pump
Breast Pad
Contact Nipple Shield
Feeding Pillow
Nipple Cream
Prenatal Heart Listener
3~6 Breastmil Storage Bags
Nipple Shells
Breast Care Gel
Stretch Mark Cream
Washable Nursing Pads
Milk Collection Shells

Baby Monitor
Bed Rail
Cot Night Light
Glider Rocker Chair & Stool
Changing unit or Dresser

Baby Shampoo
Baby Bath
Bath Towel
Face Towel
Baby Blanket
Bath Mat (Non-slip)
Baby Powder
Baby Powder Puff Case
Bath Sponge
Bath Tub
Cloth Detergent
Cotton Swabs / Buds
Lotion / Oil
Nail Scissors
Nose Cleaner
Safety Pin
Soother Chain
Brush & Comb set
Changing Mat

Baby Abdominal Binder
Diaper Oants
Handkerchief (6~8)
Mittens & Booties (4~6)
Long Pant
Long Sleeve Shirt
Short Pant
Short Sleeve Shirt

Using our Templates guarantees you will save time, costs and efforts!

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