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How to apply for a PU Invitation letter for a visit to China? Download this sample PU Invitation and guidelines for your reference.

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How to apply for a PU Invitation letter for a visit to China? 

The PU Invitation letter (邀请函) is an invitation letter that inviting entity needs to receive from the relevant Foreign Affairs Office (FAO) in order to allow the invitee to apply for a visa in their respective country outside of China. The PU Invitation is a general invitation in comparison to the TE invitation, which is a special invitation for trade fairs or more high-level business trips.

Please be aware that the process and mentioned criteria differ according to city and FAO (Foreign Affairs Office). Furthermore, the below is just meant as a guideline and that requirements change quickly. Thus, it is advised that after reading this document that the inviting entity contacts the district Foreign Affairs Office for the most up to date procedures and application. According to Chinese law, the decision to issue the visa lies solely with the Chinese consulates abroad. Thus, before beginning the application, it is advised to contact the local consulate in the invitee’s country in order to ask them if they qualify for the visa application after receiving a PU and for which visa they qualify for (examples M, S, Q, Z, F, R).

Important points to consider when applying for PU China invitation:

  • The visa location on the PU is a fixed location. The invitee must thus determine the visa application location in advance;
  • The longest stay of the PU can be anything 88 - 180 days;
  • In Beijing some PUs are issued with longest stay 000, this means that the invitee needs to apply for a residence permit within 30 days from the date of entry;
  • Maximum 5 dependents can be added to one PU;
  • The PU must bear the issuing Stamp to be valid.

Who needs a PU?
People unable to enter China as the Chinese consulate in the country that they are in doesn’t allow them to apply for the visa. Reasons, therefore, are many, but the most common being that China is not open to applications for the specific country / the applicant’s residence permit has expired.

How long does the entire process take after the application of a PU?

After documents have been submitted correctly, the review may take anything from 2-6 weeks. Experiences have been very different.

Download this sample PU Invitation letter and PU application guidelines for your reference.

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