Tenant Late Rent Warning Letter

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Tenant Late Rent Warning
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Tenant Late Rent Warning letter 
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When you are a landlord, it can happen you need to send a warning to the tenant to pay the rent in time. Adequate communication is essential to ensure truthful, accurate information exchange and enables them to do morally correct decisions making. 

If you are familiar with this situation, you may consider using our easy-to-modify (e.g. visuals, typography, etc) Tenant Late Rent Warning Letter. Sending this Warning can make a huge difference and a greatly benefits your needs.

Tenant Late Rent Warning Letter:

Rent for the month{{s}} of: {{month/s here}}
At {{dollar amount here}} per month, totalling: {{total amount here}}
Late Charges: {{charges listed here}}
Total due landlord as of {{date here}} {{total amount here}}
If you fail to pay the full amount due to your landlord by {{insert date}} , you may be subject to the immediate institution of eviction proceedings. In the event of these legal proceedings, you may then be liable for court costs and attorney fees.
Court Cost: {{total court cost here}}
Attorney Fees: {{total attorney fees here}}
Total attorney fees and court costs: {{court and attorney fees total here}}
In addition, if rent is not paid by {{insert date, or a number of days}}, your landlord has the right to terminate your lease and regain possession of your rental property, and you may be liable for the additional reach of contract costs.
Judgments in eviction proceedings are immediately reported to the credit bureau. Immediate payment of debts may protect your record.

If you believe you have received this notice in error, contact the rental office immediately. Your payment of rent at this time is accepted only with reservation and will not prevent the landlord from seeking possession of your dwelling in the General District Court.
Therein, addressed to said tenant{{s}} at the address of the dwelling unit named therein all on the {{date here}}day of {{month here}}, {{year here}}.
Issued by: {{name here}}
Landlord’s Authorized Representative
Wish you all the best for your future. 

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Download this Tenant Late Rent Warning letter template now!

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