Time Off Request Form

How to create a Time Off Request Form? We provide a useful Time Off Request Form that fits your needs!

Make use of our leave request template when you are about to make your own personalized time off request form. The objective of such a form is to enable employees to request a period of leave from a job for temporary duration or permanent. It will mainly depend on the reason you apply for leave, whether or not you want to use a formal intonation. 

Some important questions to include on such a form, are:

  • Employee’s Name:
  • Time-Off Request: 
    • Days                            
    • Hours
  • Beginning on:
  • Ending on:
  • Reason for Time Off Request
    • Vacation
    • Personal Leave
    • Funeral / Bereavement
    • Jury Duty
    • Family Reasons
    • Medical Leave
    • To Vote
    • Other
  • I understand that this request is subject to approval by my employer.
  • Employee’s Signature:
  • Date: ___________
  • Employer’s Decision
  • Employer’s Signature:
  • Status: 
    • Approved
    • Rejected

Please note this request form template is provided for guidance only. 

Download this Time Off Request Form template to write a perfect (and personalized) letter, edited to fit your personal situation. If this letter does not fit your requirements, please also have a look at the topic: Leave Letter Templates.

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