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What is the best way to format a letter of character reference? Download and use our letter-of-character reference template as a guide. It can be download and customized according to your needs.

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How to write an outstanding character letter of recommendation for employment? What is the best way to format a letter of character reference? You can use our letter-of-character reference template as a guide. It can be download and customized according to your needs. Make sure to include relevant details about the person you're recommending, such as their qualifications and experience.

We support you and your company by providing this outstanding Character Letter Of Recommendation for employment that could be potentially sent by a teacher, principal, professor, or coach, which will help you to make a perfect one! This will save you or your HR department time, cost, and effort and help you to reach the next level of success in your work and business!

A recommendation letter from a previous or current manager, boss, supervisor, professor, coworker, peer, or personal relation of the requester of the letter, and gives insights regarding the persons’ knowledge, skills, experience, awards, or aptitudes that he or she possess. It’s common to use a recommendation letter during the search for a new job, project, or when you are applying for a program at a graduate school. Especially for students, reference letters may be required when applying for awards, funds, or grants such as a scholarship or fellowship. When presented selectively in a portfolio, reference letters provide compelling evidence to an employer or committee about your abilities. This blank reference letter is intuitive, ready-to-use when you want to recommend a person for a job position in another company or organization. Try it now and let this sample letter inspire you. We certainly encourage you to use this for your own benefit.

Letter of Character Reference opening:

  • Dear {{Recipient’s Name}},
  • To Whom It May Concern,
  • Dear {{name of friend}},

Body of the letter First paragraph.
The first paragraph is the introduction portion. The sender will let the receiver his intention of writing. In the first paragraph, it is usually the portion where one will make a greeting and would ask the recipient how they are doing. Included also in the introduction is the inquiry of the sender about the recipient’s health and if it is a reply letter about the receipt of the previous letter.

  • It is with great pleasure that I recommend {{Name}}.
  • I have known her for {{Number of Years}} years.
  • {{he/she}} has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. 
  • {{He/She}} is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition to her excellent scholastic accomplishments, {{he/she}} has proven her leadership ability by organizing a hockey league in a location to provide young people an opportunity to compete and learn good sportsmanship.

Second Paragraph.
The second paragraph is where you shall exchange information. Start it by saying what you feel or your opinion on something he said. You can also discuss here any activities you have done. Try to inform the recipient of your recent achievement or interest or pursuits.

  • {{Name}} is also a most dependable team player. Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to {{His/her}} endeavors.
  • {{Name}} would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.
  • After our days in school, he diligently looked for employment and nailed {{Job position}} locally. He is exceedingly passionate about his duties and treated them with the necessary seriousness. 
  • With his exceptional people skills, he helped staff members with their administrative responsibilities.

Third paragraph.
Under this paragraph, you are supposed to end your letter. You can tell here your feelings about your distance and wish the recipient friend luck.
{{Complimentary close}} casual signing

  • I exceptionally recommend {{Recipient’s Name}} for the job of {{Job position}} at {{Company Name}}.
  • {{Recipient’s Name}} is my close childhood friend whom I have known for {{number}} years. 
  • I watched his skills grow from humble beginnings ever since our college days where he majored in Management. 
  • I honestly believe he is the man for the job.
  • Unfortunately, the {{Company Name}} suffered an unforeseen fire and is no more. 
  • {{Recipient’s Name}} is a hard worker whose passion and devotion will positively impact your Gallery. I am confident to recommend {{Recipient’s Name}} for the post of {{Job position}}. If you have any inquiries about him, do not hesitate to ask.
  • If you have any inquiries about him, do not hesitate to ask.
  • Sincerely,

Sample Character Recommendation Letter sentences for employment by the principal:

  • Dear {{ORGANIZATION}},
  • Dear Selection Committee,
  • To Whom It May Concern,
  • I have known {{Name Candidate}} for over {{number of years}} years. 
  • As {{his/her}} school principal I have followed {{his/her}} progress with interest and come to know the many positive qualities that define {{Name Candidate}}.
  • I have known {{Name Candidate}} for the {{number of years}} years that her father has been my business partner. 
  • I have spent many hours in her company and have come to know {{Name Candidate}}'s several fine qualities.
  • {{Name Candidate}} is an enthusiastic and helpful individual who displays a strong moral character. 
  • Her involvement in the local community provides an excellent example of her commitment and dedication. 
  • I have enjoyed interesting conversations with {{Name Candidate}} where {{his/her}} strong communication skills and attention to other people and current events were clearly evident.
  • {{Name Candidate}} has helped out in our office reception on occasion and her courteous and professional manner never failed to impress. 
  • He/She proved to be both willing and competent in this role. 
  • His/her polite efficiency was commented on by a number of our colleagues.
  • He/she is a motivated and hardworking young man who has achieved well at school. 
  • {{his/her}} commitment and dedication were evident in {{his/her}} involvement in several extracurricular activities.
  • As a valued member of the sports team {{his/her}} determination was well recognized and he was always prepared to put in the extra hours to ensure the success of the team.
  • In my personal interactions with {{Name Candidate}} I have been impressed by {{his/her}} strong communication skills and {{his/her}} ability to establish a comfortable rapport with others. 
  • He/she comes across as confident and mature. 
  • {{his/her}} popularity among {{his/her}} peer group is testament to both {{his/her}} interpersonal skills and loyalty.
  • I am confident that {{Name Candidate}}'s skills and abilities would be an asset to any organization and I highly recommend him for employment. 
  • It is with confidence that I recommend {{Name Candidate}} for employment. 
  • I have no doubt that he/she will prove an asset to any organization. 
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Please contact me should you require any further information.
  • Yours sincerely,
  • Signature

Our collection of online HR templates aims to make life easier for you. By providing you this personal reference letter template, we hope you can save precious time effort and it will help you to reach the next level of success in your life, studies, or work!

This character reference letter from a teacher, principal, professor, or coach has ways to grab your employer’s attention. It is drafted by HR professionals, intelligently structured, and easy-to-navigate through. Pay close attention to the most downloaded HR templates that fit your needs.     

Download this Character Letter of recommendation for employment now!

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