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What does the flag Guyana flag look like? How do you color the flag of Guyana? Download our sample template of the Guyana flag, then use the colors green, white and gold to color it.

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What does the flag Guyana flag look like? What is the meaning of the Guyana flag? Coloring this sample flag template is very easy and fun so what are you waiting for? Download this Guyana flag template now!

The flag of Guyana consists of five horizontal stripes:
  • Red Stripe: The top and bottom stripes are both red.
  • White Stripe: In the middle, there is a narrow white stripe that separates the red stripes.
  • Yellow Equilateral Triangle: To the right of the white stripe, there is a yellow equilateral (equal-sided) triangle that starts from the hoist side (left side) of the flag and extends toward the center.
  • Green Field: The rest of the flag, to the right of the yellow triangle, is a green field.
The flag of Guyana represents various aspects of the country's history, geography, and culture. Here's a breakdown of the symbolism of the Guyanese flag:
  1. Red: The red color in the flag represents the country's determination and zeal for nation-building. It symbolizes the country's commitment to moving forward and making progress.
  2. White: The narrow white stripe is a symbol of Guyana's rivers and waters. Guyana is known for its numerous rivers and waterways, and this white stripe represents the unifying element of water in the country.
  3. Yellow Equilateral Triangle: The yellow equilateral triangle is a symbol of Guyana's mineral wealth, particularly its vast reserves of gold. It also represents the bright future and the potential for sustained growth and development in the nation.
  4. Green Field: The green field represents the lush vegetation and abundant forests found in Guyana. It reflects the country's agricultural and natural resources, as well as its commitment to environmental conservation.
Overall, the flag's colors and design are meant to convey Guyana's rich natural resources, its hope for the future, and its determination to build a prosperous and unified nation.

This is a printable Guyana flag A4 size color sheet on one page. Print out different flags of countries of the world onto an A4 page and cut carefully around the angles of the template.

For professional design use: our printable Guyana flag is easy to modify and suitable for professional (or amateur) designers.

For children: key ways with such Guyana Flag set is that children learn include playing, being with other people, being active, exploring new worlds, ideas and experiences, talking to themselves, communication with others, meeting physical and mental challenges, being shown how to learn new things, practicing and repeating skills and having fun! 

After downloading, it’s easy for you to adapt this Guyana Flag template. Using our printable flag templates guarantees you will save time, cost and efforts!

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