Solicitation Letter for Christmas Party

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How to write a solicitation letter for Christmas party? Do you need an inviting Christmas Solicitation Letter to request for contribution for the Christmas Party? Check out this engaging solicitation letter for Christmas now! 

As you know, writing solicitation letters is not easy, and it’s very important that you touch the right strings. After all, you are asking for something, and not really offering anything tangible in return. 

Christmas is a time to celebrate, for everyone. But not everyone is capable of celebrating and taking care of themselves. This is important to emphasize and to focus on what the donor will receive out of giving charity, which is mainly: emotional satisfaction. Besides a Christmas solicitation letter, especially if written for Christmas party donations, must be well-structured. It should start on an interesting note so that donors’ interest is piqued.

Solicitation Letter for Christmas Party sample:

Dear Mr./Mrs.,
Christmas is a month and a half away, and the [FOCUSGROUP] at “[INSTITUTION/PROJECT]” are already excited for this special time in the year. 
As you know, we arrange a Christmas party for [FOCUS GROUP] every year, and this year is no different. Christmas is a precious time, in which we are able to celebrate with our loved ones, and I would like to grab this opportunity to request you to support for our Party for those involved with: “[INSTITUTION/PROJECT]” for the Christmas Celebrations. This Party is going to be held on 24th December 2021 at [LOCATION].
[INSTITUTION/PROJECT] is a non-profitable organization, which provides accommodation and looks after all [FOCUS GROUP].  We work for [MISSION STATEMENT INSTITUTION THAT IS SOLLICITED FOR].
Like every year, we are planning to celebrate Christmas with all the members of our home. 
Therefore, I kindly request you to help us go about with this Party and it’s program. 
You can help us in the form of donation. 
We will sincerely appreciate your generous contribution. 
With lots of love, Merry Christmas!

Therefore, this is also the time to grab the opportunity to request support for special focus groups, and to arrange a proper Christmas Party for those in need. This Christmas Solicitation letter will help you to get the donations you need, such as a special Party, Christmas decorations, etc, from those who are able to contribute for the good cause.
Communicating in a professional way will help to receive the requested monetary help you need for your event. Using this Christmas Solicitation Letter brings you a professional format and the inspiration you are looking for, which will save you time, cost and efforts and help you to solicit.

Check out this example of a solicitation letter for Christmas Party, written to acquire Christmas party contributions, and download it now!

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