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What to write in a resignation letter?

The two-week notice period is your chance to quit your job in a professional and positive way. With this termination, you give your employer time to find a suitable replacement or train another employee to take over your role. This is a professional courtesy and, in some cases, a formal departure requirement.

Your employer does not have to accept your two-week notice period (unless in your contract) and can terminate your employment immediately. So, once you resign, be prepared to resign. Make sure you have all the information you need on your work computer and any other information you want to take with you.

While two weeks' notice is not required, notice to your manager or supervisor is considered a reasonable period of time. By giving two weeks notice, you show that you respect your boss and colleagues and are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for them.

Proofread and test your information. The last thing you want to do is send your unsubscribe email only to find it's full of typos or formatting errors that a simple test would find. Send the message to yourself first, and consider having a careful friend check it for errors before forwarding it to your boss.

The body of your cancellation letter should state your intention to cancel and the date of departure. A two-week notice period is standard, but depending on your circumstances, you can leave immediately or provide a longer notice period. Include your current title and company name.

You may need to send your resignation letter to your line manager or HR representative, but sometimes you will send this letter to your team, department, or your entire organization. You can use a generic salutation for business letters. For example, "Dear name" or "Dear Mrs name".

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