Ensayo reflexivo imprimible plantillas, contratos y formularios.

How to draft a reflective essay? What is a reflective essay?

Reflective essay is a personal writing style based on the author's thoughts and emotions about a particular place, person or event. Since it reflects the author's point of view, it aims to encourage readers to experience it in the same way.

It is also an essay in which the author teaches a lesson or provides life advice through their personal life experiences. The author usually starts with a starting point and then goes on to use the exhaustive details from the events to finally come to some sort of conclusion to the story.

The author's main task in these texts is to explain how these life experiences have affected her as a person, and how they have changed her life. To get things straight, the purpose of a reflective essay is to express how the course of events affects how a person thinks and feels about certain life events, and what valuable lessons they have learned from those events!

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