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How to write a proper Employment Thank You Letter letter? How do you write a letter of appreciation to job applicants that were rejected for the open vacancy?

There are certain situations that require a decent thank you letter, for example when job applicants put the hard effort into producing a decent motivation letter and updated the resume according to the vacancy. Or for example to say thanks to an individual or organization for a customer referral, appreciation to volunteer service workers for their personal contributions.

Great effort deserves to be rewarded! If you want to send a proper Thank You Note to someone who applied for a position in your organization, we recommend that you check out this sample Letter of Thanks. This message will capture your applicants' attention for sure!

Sample employment Thank You Letter:

  • Dear {{Name}}, / Dear Applicant,
  • Thank you for your interest in the {{Organization}} and for submitting your application for the {{Job title}} position with {{Department name)}. 
  • We especially appreciate the time and effort you put into the application process the interview pool was very competitive. 
  • After careful consideration, another candidate has been selected. 
  • We do hope that you will pursue future opportunities with the {{Organization}}. 
  • You may learn about these opportunities by viewing our online employment site at {{website}}.
  • Best wishes. 
  • Yours faithfully,

As with business situations, there are many instances in day-to-day life that can warrant a formal thank you letter. Examples of typical personal thank you letter situations include a follow-up thanks after a job interview or offer, thanks to a company or institution in appreciation for exceptional customer service received, letter to friends and/or neighbors for their support during a difficult period, letters for wedding gifts, thanks to a service club or agency for the support given to family members, social occasion thank you letters for a wide variety of social situations, etc.

A thank you letter should be written like a standard business letter or personal letter, and should not normally exceed one page. Personal thank you letters can be hand-written in cases in which the addressee is a friend, acquaintance or relative. Thank you letters are also sometimes referred to as letters of gratitude. These types of thank you letters are usually written as formal business letters. 

For those who are in a Management position, and who work in Finance, Admin, HR, or purchasing, sending a collective or individual Thank You note from time to time can prove very motivating for those who receive one! The right stimulation will help you to achieve mutual goals faster and will benefit your results. The right stimulation will help you to achieve mutual goals faster and will benefit your results. After downloading and filling in the blanks, you can easily customize e.g. style, typography, details, and appearance of your Thank you note.

Download this professional Employment Thank You Letter template now and send it out today to rejected job applicants.

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