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What to put on an Employee of the Month Certificate? Are you looking for nice ways to put your employees in the spotlight? 

When designing an Employee of the Month Certificate with a photo template, it's important to include relevant information and elements that highlight the employee's achievements and contributions. Here are some suggestions for what to include on the certificate:

  • Header: Start with a title such as "Employee of the Month" or "Outstanding Achievement Award."
  • Employee's Name and Photo: Include a prominent space for the employee's name and their photograph. This adds a personal touch and makes the certificate more visually appealing.
  • Company Logo: Display the company logo or emblem to reinforce the association between the employee's accomplishments and the organization.
  • Award Details: Provide the month and year for which the award is being given, such as "June 2023."
  • Achievement Description: Summarize the employee's accomplishments or why they are receiving the award. Highlight specific projects, goals achieved, or exceptional performance.
  • Acknowledgment: Include a brief statement acknowledging the employee's dedication, hard work, and positive impact on the team or organization.
  • Signature Line: Include space for the supervisor or manager's signature, demonstrating official recognition of the award.
  • Additional Elements: You can add decorative elements such as borders, patterns, or relevant icons to enhance the overall design.
  • Presentation Date: Include the date when the certificate is being presented to the employee.
  • Visual style: Remember to choose an appropriate font, font size, and color scheme that aligns with your company's branding or the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve. Consider using high-quality graphics and a clean layout to create a professional and visually appealing certificate.

This Employee of month cert template has a nice way to grab the attention of viewers. After downloading and filling in the blanks, you can customize every detail and appearance of your certificate and finish in minutes.

Download this printable Employee Of The Month certificate if you are looking for a nice way to bring your star employee under attention among your employees or customers! Print out your Employee Of The Month Certificate now!

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